Do You Have kindle Wireless Coverage In Your Area?


If you are planning to purchase a kindle, you probably need to know that Kindle’s wireless technology does not cover every square mile of US soil. Just ask steve Saroff who lives in Montana and purchase a Kindle. He found out the hard way that Kindle did not cover his area and so he was not able to download books wirelessly. This is what he said, “I bought Kindle with high hopes…it turns out that the wireless connectivity that Kindle requires does not WORK in Montana.” But, there is a way around it. All he had to do was download the book of choice to his computer and transfer the file to his Kindle via USB cable.

But, why did he have to do all of that and still pay $400 for Kindle you may ask? Well, like I said in a previous article, whether or not it’s worth the price is an early-adopter’s question.

Steve went ahead and contact Amazon’s Kindle support about not having wireless accessibility in Montana and they admitted that Montana was not covered. But does it mean that Kindle is worthless?

Of course not. It just means that the wireless service is not available for that area. Apart from that, Kindle is a darn good idea and it works just like it is supposed to in the areas of wireless coverage. (see areas of coverage at this Gizmodo Kindle coverage tool) .

Just like any new technology, there are kinks to be worked out. And in time, I believe they will be taken care of. Having said that, you can expect Kindle upgrades in the future. I am sure that Jeff Bezos and his crew is aware of the concerns about Kindle coverage areas. They are probably being bombarded with questions as we speak and is looking at ways to fix the problem because if they don’t someone else will – if you know what I mean. The Kindle idea and supporting technology is just that good. Just how soon it will be fixed, I do not know. One thing I do know is that in spite of all its minor flaws, Kindle is one for the future. And like it or not, it will make inroads into the way we read.

I am expecting it to move into educational arena soon. Now just think about the magnitude of that move. The textbook industry is already charging too much for those damn textbooks anyway. For those of you who do not realize, this is the age of technology. Just like how the cellphone technology took over and change where and when we talk on the phone, Kindle has to potential to take over and change where, when, and how we read.