Sony Announces the Release of New Ebook Readers!

Sony finally announced the release of its reader pocket edition and reader touch edition ebook readers to be available in stores by the end of August.

Meanwhile, they are planning to phase out the current core of readers available at the  store.

Here are some early details of the two new editions:

  1. Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-300)prs-300
    • Cost – $199
    • 5-inch monochromatic eInk display
    • Colors- blue, rose and silver
    • Storage capacity of 350 standard-sized ebooks.
  2. Reader Touch Edition (PRS-600)
    • Cost $299
    • 6-inch touch-screen (finger or stylus)  for note–taking for  export and  print.
    • Oxford American English Dictionary — tap on a word to summon a definition.
    • Capacity- 350 ebooks with  Memory Stick PRO Duo or an SD card expansion slots.
    • Colors – red, black, or sliver

As you can see, there is no wireless feature!

The two devices, however,  offer some  intriguing alternatives designed to make it more visible  to the general public – They will be available at your neighborhood electronic book store!

You can expect to find it at Best Buy, Borders, Costco, Staples, Target, Walmart, and  SonySytle stores. Will Amazon and others follow suit? We will see!

Sony will also lowered the price of new releases and bestsellers to $9.99, matching prices at…and  make over 1 million public domain ebooks available from google.

Meanwhile,  a new digital ereader tablet may be in the works at Apple Inc. as it seek to get in on the action of this growing ebook reader market.

Since its inception, numerous ebook readers have been sold to the general public.  This trend is expected to continue with an expected 3 million sold by the end of the 2009 and  13 million by the end of 2013.

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