Personal Document To Kindle Conversion Made Easy (PDF Included)

Do you have personal documents in HTML, MS Word Docs, Text, or Adobe PDF format that you would love to be able to read on your kindle? If you do, just follow the steps below to convert them to a Kindle readable format and you should be set. Oh…and by the way, if you find these tips helpful, please leave a comment for the benefit of others, thanks.

Here we go.

Conversion For a Small Fee At Amazon
Email your personal document to Once it is received, your document will be converted and downloaded wirelessly into your Kindle for a small fee of about 8 – 10 cents. If you email your document to this address, it will be assumed that you are willing to pay the fee which will be charged to your Kindle account.

Conversion For Free At Amazon
For free conversion, simple email the document to Once the document is received, it will be converted but this time a link to the converted document will be sent to your registered email address. Just log into your email from any computer and download the converted document to your Kindle using the Computer/USB cable combination (see recent article on how to download transfer document between Computer and Kindle). This is a little bit more time consuming and requires a little more work, but after all, you are getting the conversion done for free.

Converting Without Amazon Involvement
Download the FREE MobiPocket Creator to your computer. Use it to convert your personal documents to Mobi( .PRC) format files – one of the file formats that Kindle recognizes. Use the Computer/USB cable combination to transfer the converted files to your Kindle for immediate readability and you are done. Recall that Kindle’s ability to recognize PDF is in an experimental phase? Well, this a great way around it.