How To Give Kindle As A Holiday Gift

If you are planning to give kindle as a holiday gift, make sure you designate Kindle as a gift at checkout. That way, when the purchase is complete, the device will not be registered to your Amazon account. This means that you will not be charged for subsequent content purchases made by the gift recipient.

Now when the gift recipient opens the Kindle package and turn it on for the first time, he or she will simply need to “waltz” on over to and register Kindle to an active Amazon account. From then on, purchase made for that particular Kindle will be charge to that account for which he or she will be responsible.

What if you did not designate Kindle as a gift during checkout and still want to pass it on as a gift? In this case, you will need to de-register that particular Kindle from your account and instruct the gift recipient to re-register it to an active account upon receipt. From then on, he or she will be responsible for subsequent charges.


Can you give content as a gift to someone who already Own a Kindle? The answer…Since any content that you purchase for a particular Kindle is registered to your Kindle Account and stored in your own personal media library, you will not be able to pass it on as a gift to friend who owns another Kindle. At present, Amazon is not set up for that kind of transaction. One way around it is to give your friend an Amazon gift card and tell him or her specifically that it is for purchasing content for his or her Kindle. Or, you can sit with your friend at the computer online Kindle store, have him or her log in to their account, make a purchase with your credit, remove your credit card information from their account, then the can download read and enjoy.

As you can see, transferring content from Kindle to Kindle is an issue. Its synonymous with buying a book and after reading it loaning it to a friend. And since the book is yours, you should be able to do whatever you want to do with it. Right? Not quite…The question is, will Amazon allow you to do this? The answer…yes and no. Yes, If they can charge you a fee that is somewhat equivalent or close to the cost of the book for the transfer. And no…if they have to do it for free… just think about it. If they allow free Kindle to Kindle transfer, It will just be like giving away free books to the public. If that’s the case, then I would not need to buy any books from my Kindle store, All I would need to do is just get a Kindle and have my friend transfer all his books to my Kindle – for free. That is simply not going to happen.

More later.