Kindle In Stock and Ready To Ship

If you ordered kindle in the past, you had to join a line and wait approximately two months for its arrival. As of today, the wait is over. Jeff Bezos announced today that “ever since we launched our wireless reading device Kindle last November, we have been unable to keep it in stock, and we’ve had to work hard to increase manufacturing capacity. Today, we’re excited to announce that Kindle is in stock and ready for immediate shipment.”

This is great news for customers who have been waiting in line for a while not knowing when Kindle would arrive. Many have tried to gauge the arrival date by looking at past arrival time-frames, but were often missed the mark. Customers, however, were still willing to sit and wait for this beloved little device which seem to be getting more popular as we speak.

Jeff went on to say that approximately 25,000 books, blogs, magazines, and newspaper have been added to the Kindle’s content library since it arrival in November and that over two thousand customers have reviewed the device. You can see the reviews on the product page.

To get a feel for how well the device is selling and it long-term potential, you are invited to take a look at the just released letter to shareholders. This kind of information is not normally made available to the public, but Bezos is making it available for all to see.

For many who’ve been are sitting on the fence, this may be the information needed to help make the decision to finally get the device.