Kindle DX Sold Out!

Its only been six days since the Amazon Kindle DX release…and already it’s  sold out!

Either they didn’t make enough or there is a huge demand.  Whatever the reason, It’s really hard to tell  without the numbers.

In any case, if you order the device today,  you will have to wait until June 22 for shipment. Add another couple days and you should get it in a week.

That’s not  bad compare to Kindle1 back in November 2007. The wait time was much longer…yet faithful followers were willing to join the line and wait regardless of time.

Oh how times have changed!

Are you a Kindle DX enthusiast?…or a potential early adopter? If you are, then you will need to join the line now! If you don’t, t you could be waiting for a while.

Until next time.