Getting To Know Your Palm Pre – Part 1

Power Button (At the top of the device)

  • Press to  turn screen on or off
  • Press and hold to turn phone off or switch to airplane mode in which you can watch videos, listen to music, and use other non-wireless features.

Brief Video Demo:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Card View

  • Displays your applications as minimized cards, allowing you to easily move among them, or re-order them.
  • To maximize(blow up) an application, simply tap its card.
  • To return to card view, press the center button

Connection Menu

  • To open, simply tap the upper right-hand corner of your screen
  • It allows you to turn-on or off the connection features of your Pre including wi-fi, bluetooth, or airplane mode.

Application Menu

  • To open an application, tap the name of the application at the upper left-hand corner of the screen
  • You will see items such as preferences and help, and commands such as cut, copy, and paste for you to navigate through the chosen application.

Palm Synergy

  • Displays information from several sources in a simple logical view so that you can track each event easily.
  • It is uinque to Palm WebOS…
  • Works in contact, emails,  messaging, and more…

Universal Search

  • Start typing and Pre begins searching for you.
  • First it narrows the info of the people and application on your phone. If it’s not on the phone, Pre switches to the web. You can choose a google, wikipedia, twitter, or maps search.


  • These are messages that appear at the bottom of the screen alerting you of an incoming call, missed call, text messages, voice mail, email, and more…you can either ignore it or tap on it to act on it.

In part 2, we will touch on the Quick launch feature among others…
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