Common Questions About Kindle Content – Part II

Q: How do I locate content on the device?
A: Select Menu, then “Home,” there you will find all content currently on kindle.

Q: How do I move content between Kindle and my Media Library?
A: On your Kindle, go to “Menu,” select “Home,” then “Menu” again, select “Content manager.” then the content(s) you want to act on, select “Menu” again, choose your action and you are done.
On your computer, log on to go directly to content manager and follow the instructions.

Q: What tasks can I perform on the Content manager Menu?
A: You can go “Home,” shop at the Kindle store, Check for new items, select items on a page, de-select items on a page, move items to memory card, move content to Kindle memory, and remove items from kindle memory to Media Library.

Q: What content are available for Kindle?
A: Books, newspapers, magazines, blogs from the Kindle store, Audiobooks from, and MP3 music. You may also download books from sites such as,, and among others.

Q: What format does Kindle recognizes?
A: Microsoft Word (.DOC), Structured HTML (.HTML, .HTM) , JPEG (.JPEG, .JPG),
GIF (.GIF), PNG (.PNG), BMP (.BMP), PDF (experimental ), Text (.txt), Amazon Kindle (.azw), Unprotected Mobipocket books (.prc, .mobi), Audible Audio books (.aa),
MP3 Music files (.mp3), & compressed ZIP (.ZIP)

Q: How many blogs are available on the device?
A: Hundreds of business, technology, sports, and politics blogs among others.

Q: Do I have to be wirelessly connected to read blogs?
A: Yes when accessing the blog, No when reading the blog. Once feeds are downloaded onto the device you can read them without being wirelessly connected.

Q: Do I have text size options?
A: Yes, you can choose between six text sizes.

Q: Can I add notes to my content?
A: Yes, you can also add bookmarks, highlights and make clippings. All annotations and clippings are saved in the “My Clippings” file (as text) on the Home screen.

Q: Can I use bookmarks to save my place in my reading?
A: Yes, even though Kindle automatically save your place, bookmarking is another way to do it. Once saved, you can use the Menu to access the saved location.

Q: How can I view my annotations?
A: Select “My Notes & Marks” from the menu

Q: Can I remove individual files from “My clippings?”
A: No, you can edit content or remove the entire “My Clipping” file with all its content. When you create new annotations, a new “My Clippings” file will be created.

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Common Questions About Kindle – Part I

Q: Can you read sample books before purchasing a kindle?
A: Yes, you can download and read the first chapter of all books offered at the Kindle Store.

Q: How do you buy content from the Kindle Store?
A: Access the Kindle Store on the Kindle device or your computer and use Amazon 1-click to buy and download instantaneously.

Q: What if you loose all your content on the Kindle?
A: Amazon backs up all your content to Your Media library at for you to re-download at any time.

Q: Can you access the Web with Kindle?
A: Yes you can access it with the experimental application called Basic Web which is optimized for text-centric sites. It supports javascript, SSL, and cookies, but not media plug-ins or java applets.

Q: Can you download other files from other websites to Kindle?
A: Yes, as long as it is in one of the compatible formats including the kindle format (.AZW), unprotected Mobipocket books (.MOBI, .PRC), and text files (.TXT).

Q: What if I want to download a file that is not among the compatible formats?
A: Email the file to Amazon for conversion and wireless delivery back to your Kindle for a small fee or free delivery to your computer.

Q: How do I handle my account if I want to give my Kindle away?
A: Go to the settings page on your Kindle or the Kindle store at (click on manager Your Kindle) and de-register the device to prevent unauthorized purchases.

Q: How do I protect myself if my Kindle is stolen?
A: Visit the Kindle Store at, de-register your device and Buy another.

Q: What if I have a question about Kindle that I want to get answered?
A: Go to Kindle NowNow on your device, ask the question and you will receive at least three answers wirelessly downloaded to your device within five minutes.

Q: Will I ever need my computer with Kindle?
A: Sometimes. If yon need to download content from the Kindle store when you are not in a wireless coverage area, you will need to hook up Kindle with the computer via the USB cable and download content from the Kindle store at the website.
You will also need the computer to download audio books and MP3 files.

Q: What is the system requirement for using Kindle with the computer
A: Your computer must run Windows 2000 or later if it is a PC and Mac OS x 10.2 or later if it is a Mac. You must also have an available USB port or an attached USB hub with available port.

Q: What kind of Audio can you listen to on Kindle?
A: Audiobooks from and MP3 music to play as background music while you read.

Q: Can you download Audio books wirelessly to the device?
A: No, you have to use the AudibleManager software supplied by Audible or iTunes on your Mac or your windows-based computer to transfer books to your computer then use the USB cable or ans SD memory card to transfer them to your Kindle.

Q: How do I activate my account?
A: Go to, set up an account, download and install the AudibleManager Software, launch AudibleManager and connect your Kindle, and activate your Kindle to play audiobooks.

Q: I activated my Kindle for Audiobook files, what do I need to do now to get Audiobook files on the device?
A: Use the AudibleManager software on your computer to purchase and download the files to Kindle with the USB cable.

Q: How do I know I have Audiobooks on my Kindle?
A: An Audio file will appear on your Home screen.

Q: Is kindle compatible with all Audiobook formats?
A: No, Audible offers four versions of the Audiobook format. Formats 2,3, & 4 are compatible, format 1 is not.

Q: Can I use a Mac to Active my Audible account?
A: Only if it runs windows.

Q: How do I transfer Music to my Kindle?
A: Hook up Kindle to the computer with the USB cable, copy MP3 files from the computer to the “Music” folder on your Kindle.

Q: How much MP3 files am I allow to transfer to my Kindle?
A: As much as you want, but remember that they will take up a lot of space and limit your space for other content on the device.

Q: How many ways can I shop at the Kindle store?
A: Two, from the Kindle device and from Kindle store at the website.

Q: Can I manage my account from the website?
A: Yes, you can also manage it from the Kindle device?

Q: I do not want to subscribe to Newspaper and magazines, can I just get one copy if I need it?
A: Yes. There is also a 14-day free subscription period which you can try. You can cancel at anytime during this period and not be charged.

Q: What can I do at the “Manage Your Kindle” page at
A: You can view and manage your kindle content, personal settings, and account information.

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