Getting Around on Kindle

Now that you have gotten your kindle, the first thing you need to do is take some time and learn how to get around on it. The time you spend here learning these steps will be time well spent as they will save you a lot of unnecessary time wasting in the future.
First you will want to take a moment to identify the following:

* The Select wheel
* The Cursor bar
* The Page page turn buttons (Next Page, Previous page)
* The back button
* The keyboard (Including the SYM, Home, Search, & Text Keys)

Choosing An Item
If you want to choose a particular item on your Kindle such as a menu choice or a line of text, you will need to roll the Select Wheel to move the silver cursor up and down the cursor bar. When you have identified the item of choice, just press and release the select wheel to make your choice.

Moving Forward and Backward
Use the Next or Previous Page buttons to move forward or backward in your reading material. To retrace your steps, just press the Back button.

Using The Keyboard
You may use the keyboard to do the following:

* search for words
* search for items on the Kindle Store
* create annotations while reading
* change text size
* choose special characters
* go Home

The Search Key
If you want to conduct a search on kindle, simply press the Search key on the keyboard, and the Search line will appear. Now, type in what you are looking for and select “Go”. Kindle will automatically search for the phrase in your books, newspapers, blogs, personal documents, and annotations. It will also provide a link to The New Oxford American Dictionary definition of the phrase you entered. You can also extend your search to the Kindle Store, Wikipedia, and the Web.

Making Annotations
Highlight the text you want to annotate. Use the select wheel to move the cursor to the note icon on the highlighted text, press the select wheel, and choose “Edit Note” from the menu to see the note. To add your own note, simply move the cursor to the line where you want to add your thoughts, press the select wheel, and choose “Add Note” from the menu. Then type your note using the keyboard and select “Done”.

Changing The Size of Texts
You can optimize your reading experience by adjusting the size of the reading text among six sizes to fit your preference by doing the following:

1. Press the text key
2. Roll the select wheel to move the cursor next to the size you prefer from the menu.
3. Press the select wheel.

The text is now shown in the new size. Repeat the same steps to change the text size back or to change it to a different size that is most comfortable for you to read. Simply press the SYM key on the bottom of the keyboard to see a menu of the extended characters and select the character you require.

The Home Key
Regardless of where you are on Kindle, you can go home. Just hit the home key and you are there.