Common Concerns About Reading “Old” Subscriptions On Kindle and Downloading The Same Books Multiple Times On Kindle

Can You Read Your “Old” Subscriptions Of Time, Newsweek, etc., on Kindle?
You may be thinking of purchasing kindle and is wondering whether or not you will be able to read your “old” subscriptions of Time Magazine, Newsweek, and other periodicals on your new Kindle. If you are, the answer is no. The Kindle edition of periodicals is formatted and optimized to be read only on Kindle and for that reason, both the online and physical versions are presently being sold separate from the Kindle version. Thus if you already have the “old” subscription(s), you may have to pay a little extra to add the Kindle version to your subscription. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if you could have both the “old” and new Kindle subscriptions bundled in one small package at a reduced cost.

But what if you do not want to keep the “old” subscription, but instead want to replace it with a new subscription for the Kindle edition? In that case, you could ask to have your “old” subscription canceled and replaced with a new Kindle edition. Whether or not your request will be granted will probably depend on a number of things: 1) How much Amazon values your business as a customer, 2) The number of subscribers making the same request, and 3) The magnitude of the impact it will have on the advancement of the Kindle.

So, whatever your goal is, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to ask. You may very well be rewarded with a favorable response to your request.

Can You Download The Same Book Multiple Times To Your Kindle?
Once you buy a book from the Kindle store, it’s yours. That book is automatically store in your own personal Media Library at This means that you are free to download this book as many times as you wish to your Kindle.

But, why would you need to download the same book multiple time? Well, lets say you needed to free up space on your kindle for a new download and had to delete a particular book to make it happen. If later on you desire to read the deleted book again, you will need to download it for a second time. It turns out that with a “click” of a button, you can download the same reading material many times over. After all, is it not your book and your Kindle, and should you not be free to enjoy it as many times as you wish? Of course the answer is yes.