Kindle DX Ships Today!

What’s the 2nd most popular gadget at Amazon? If you say Amazon Kindle DX, …cheers!!! you are right!

So if that’s #2, what #1? You guess right again! the Amazon Kindle2…see for yourself

Wow! what a week it has been!

First Palm shipped the Pre, then Apple unveiled the iPhone 3GS, and now Amazon ships the Kindle DX.

$489 is quite a bit of cash for many, especially in these hard times.  But, Kindle DX is too tempting, to ignore.

Even if its out of sheer curiosity, you’ve got to get one.  After all,  how else can you stay in the game?

Bottom line…stay in the game or get left in the dust! Who wants to be the one? Not me.

It’s almost mind blowing sometimes to see the rate at which these guys are churning out these devices.  As soon as you buy one, it becomes  “obsolete” in no time.

Who would’ve thought that Kindle1 would be forgotten hero?  I still remember the day it came out. Now less than 3 years later, we have the DX.

I still have mine sitting in my desk drawer gathering dust. Someone offered to buy it the other day, but I declined…Nope! it’s not for sale!

Years from now when things are sailing ahead, I want to look back and say I had one of the 1st generation kindles.

That’s said, I am off to get my DX.  How else can I get that critical understanding and keep you posted? Only by getting one in my own hands.

That’s it for now!  If you do decide to get one, enjoy!  Let us  know how it turned out for you.