Sony Announces the Release of New Ebook Readers!

Sony finally announced the release of its reader pocket edition and reader touch edition ebook readers to be available in stores by the end of August.

Meanwhile, they are planning to phase out the current core of readers available at the  store.

Here are some early details of the two new editions:

  1. Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-300)prs-300
    • Cost – $199
    • 5-inch monochromatic eInk display
    • Colors- blue, rose and silver
    • Storage capacity of 350 standard-sized ebooks.
  2. Reader Touch Edition (PRS-600)
    • Cost $299
    • 6-inch touch-screen (finger or stylus)  for note–taking for  export and  print.
    • Oxford American English Dictionary — tap on a word to summon a definition.
    • Capacity- 350 ebooks with  Memory Stick PRO Duo or an SD card expansion slots.
    • Colors – red, black, or sliver

As you can see, there is no wireless feature!

The two devices, however,  offer some  intriguing alternatives designed to make it more visible  to the general public – They will be available at your neighborhood electronic book store!

You can expect to find it at Best Buy, Borders, Costco, Staples, Target, Walmart, and  SonySytle stores. Will Amazon and others follow suit? We will see!

Sony will also lowered the price of new releases and bestsellers to $9.99, matching prices at…and  make over 1 million public domain ebooks available from google.

Meanwhile,  a new digital ereader tablet may be in the works at Apple Inc. as it seek to get in on the action of this growing ebook reader market.

Since its inception, numerous ebook readers have been sold to the general public.  This trend is expected to continue with an expected 3 million sold by the end of the 2009 and  13 million by the end of 2013.

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Sony to Launch the New Prs-300 and PRS-600!

According to engadget, Sony is planning to introduce new ebook readers: PRS-300 and PRS-600 in the near future.

…and the specs were accidentally leaked…without any wireless component sight. Big Mistake!

Why make another ebook reader without a wireless feature when it is clear that wireless makes the difference?

With the many ebook readers popping up all over the place, the ones that will survive are those that offer the  public other useful added features.

Take the iPhone, for example, it’s ” hot” not because it is just a phone, but because of the many other useful features that it offers.

The reality of the matter is, top ebook readers are going to have to do the same.  That’s if they are going to win the ebook reader battle and attract most of the general public and not just those who like to read.

People will need to see these devices not just as book readers, but as a media to other useful information including “net” access: twitter, facebook, Youtube, etc., – with little or no data plan…plus play games,  music, video, and so on…

The amazon Kindle. is sort of “thinking in that direction” right now, but it is left to be seen what it does in the future…especially with Barnes and noble looming large over the horizon with its imminent ebook reader alternative which  should provide some real competition.

The truth is, ebooks reader have quite a way to go to attract most of the general public, so you can expect them to “morph” into mini-computers.

As for the up and coming  Sony PRS-300 and PRS-600.  Who knows, perhaps  Sony have a little surprise up its sleeve for us. We will just have to wait and see.

Maybe that’s the reason why the PRS-700BC has disappeared from their website.

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MyTouch 3G Launch Imminent!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

T-Mobile’s new Android-based Google phone hits the market August 5th…and  is poised to  offer a slew of features and accessories somewhat similar to that of the iPhone and the Palm Pre.

For more info go here…

Breaking News – Kindle 2 Price drops!

Yes, you heard right, the Amazon Kindle 2 is now $299.  From $399 to $359, to  $299…first  $40 lower now  $60 with a span of 18 months.

Seems like the price is on its way down fast.  Once again, Amazon has taken the lead in the ebook reader “world,” this time with the price.

You can expect other ebook readers to follow suit. That’s  if they plan to stay in the game.  Too bad I can’t turn mine back in and get a discount.

Anyway, I still love my Kindle 2.

I wonder if the textbook component has anything to do with it. Who knows.

What do you think?

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The Bookeen Cybook Gen3


  • Frosty black finish
  • Navigation pad on its front side
  • size of a paperback –
  • thickness of a magazine
  • Weight of a mobile phone –
  • E-ink display
  • Battery that lasts indefinitely as long as the screen displays the same page – no power consumption.8,000 page flips on a full charged battery – two (2) months with average reading pace of 80 pages per day.
  • Supports HTML, Txt, PRC, PalmDoc and PDF MOBI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, MP3.
  • The Cybook supports the MobipocketTM secured eBook format. This encrypted format enables the Cybook user to get access to one of the biggest catalogue of contemporary copyrighted titles with publishers like Random House, Penguin, Simon & Schuster or Harlequin.
    You will find more than 200 eBook retailers on the web which propose MobipocketTM files.
  • 512 MB internal memory can contain several hundreds of books.extended storage capacity with SD cards storing several thousands more
  • Connect the Cybook with the USB cable to any host computer and drag and drop new content.
  • Offers comic ebooks from





kool device, I will compare it later to Kindle two to see where it stands.

Kindle DX Ships Today!

What’s the 2nd most popular gadget at Amazon? If you say Amazon Kindle DX, …cheers!!! you are right!

So if that’s #2, what #1? You guess right again! the Amazon Kindle2…see for yourself

Wow! what a week it has been!

First Palm shipped the Pre, then Apple unveiled the iPhone 3GS, and now Amazon ships the Kindle DX.

$489 is quite a bit of cash for many, especially in these hard times.  But, Kindle DX is too tempting, to ignore.

Even if its out of sheer curiosity, you’ve got to get one.  After all,  how else can you stay in the game?

Bottom line…stay in the game or get left in the dust! Who wants to be the one? Not me.

It’s almost mind blowing sometimes to see the rate at which these guys are churning out these devices.  As soon as you buy one, it becomes  “obsolete” in no time.

Who would’ve thought that Kindle1 would be forgotten hero?  I still remember the day it came out. Now less than 3 years later, we have the DX.

I still have mine sitting in my desk drawer gathering dust. Someone offered to buy it the other day, but I declined…Nope! it’s not for sale!

Years from now when things are sailing ahead, I want to look back and say I had one of the 1st generation kindles.

That’s said, I am off to get my DX.  How else can I get that critical understanding and keep you posted? Only by getting one in my own hands.

That’s it for now!  If you do decide to get one, enjoy!  Let us  know how it turned out for you.

Kindle DX… does Size really matter?

What is the real scoop with the Amazon Kindle DX? Why was it built with such a large screen…9.7″… when the only difference between it and Amazon Kindle 2 is it’s size and capacity?

The answer …it was  built with Newspapers,  magazines and textbooks  in mind!

Yes, Kindle 2 can display magazines, newspapers…but where are the ADs that goes along with them?…they are all missing in action!

…as a result, Amazon not only set the price for these Newspapers and magazines, but also deprive the publishers of making additional income.

The publishers are grumbling, and Amazon is listening. After all, what else can they do, when there are some many competitors on the horizon?

They have to oblige if they are going to stay ahead of the game!

…and what will this mean for the public? Magazine and Newpaper subscriptions will be cheaper, Amazon will still gets it share, and publishers will stand to earn more from the ADs… so they can afford to cut subscription prices.

I can almost assure you that very soon after the DX is released, you will see an advertising component added to its newspaper and  magazines issues.

When and how it will be done? We don’t know yet, but it’s coming…mark my words.

One more thing about this new DX, the increased screen size is “perfect’ for magazine and newspaper display…making them  somewhat closer to the “real” thing.

One other component that’s being tested right now is textbook. Imagine the income potential from making textbooks available on the Kindle DX. Schools will get involved, more people will become aware of the Amazon Kindle, Kindle sale will skyrocket, and the snowball will grow out of control.

…well, its in the works!

In fact there are pilot programs going on as we speak.

Can you see into the future? Kindle DX is about to change some things for sure.

Until next time….Let us know your thoughts!.