Kindle tweets!

Can you believe it? You can actually tweet from your amazon Kindle. You don’t have to sit in front of a computer or pay for cellphone data.

To me, that’s really cool! For some reason, my cellphone service provider, AT&T, don’t allow me to tweet from my cellphone..something I really don’t understand seeing that I can send out an unlimited number of text messages to other cellphones.

…plus I don’t always have the time to sit in front of my PC or laptop to get into my twitter account. So, when I discovered that I could tweet from my Amazon Kindle, it was a welcome relief for me.

I mean, you can set up your twitter account to send out  automated feeds to your followers, but it is so animated… that it sucks! It is missing that personal element which human beings respond to.

People need to know that there is a real person on the other end of a tweet!

Being able to tweet from my kindle allows me to do that. Every now and then while in the middle of a reading, I can hop over to my twitter account and send out a tweet. Now that’s kool!

Even more ‘kool’ is the fact that  I don’t have to pay for wireless  or internet service, plus I can log in to my twitter from anywhere as long as I am in a wireless coverage area.

Here’s a simple video guide showing how it’s done…

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Video: Enhancing Your Kindle Experience!

Here’s a practical example of how you can easily change the font, have the device read to you,  access your content homepage, define a word in middle of a reading, delete content from your Amazon Kindle and still maintain access, and retrieve your stored content from

The steps are relatively simply and easy to follow. If you are “sitting on the fence” wondering if you should get an Amazon Kindle, hopefully this video will help you decide.

Latest Amazon Kindle Developments!

Kindle to the UK!
According to Crunch Gear, Amazon is currently working on a deal to get kindle to the UK before Christmas!

Wow! If there is any truth in this story, it is about time. I was wondering how long they were going to take to get this device on the international scene…considering the fact that many of our readers are asking the same question.

Apparently the civilized “world” has heard about this device and wants to be a part of the revolution…and if Amazon don’t move quickly enough, then someone else will.

Oh by the way, where are the Chinese? They usually clone “everything.” No Kindle clones yet? he he! Who knows, there may just be one in the works.
Oh well! I guess we will just have to keep our ears open to this UK Kindle development.

If this works out, then hopefully it willl open up the flood gates for Kindle to spread its wings on the international scene.

Law Suit for Kindle cracks!
According to the Seattle Times, there is a pending law suit against Amazons for cracks on customer Kindles. Wow! Is that possible? I may as well crack mine and follow suit…he he!

The latest is that Amazon is offering replacement Kindles! This should be enough to settle it, right?

Well, we will just have to wait and see what the real motive is. Considering that Amazon is offering such a simple solution. It would be interesting to see how the judge rule on this one should it end up in court.

If someone can sue you for a “crack on a Kindle” and win, then they probably can sue you for for just about anything. You know what? This may sound sadistic, but I want it to go to court just to see what happens! This should be interesting.

Proposal the put a Kindle in each of the 56 million k-12 students backpacks!
This comes via the Christian Science Monitor. I thought they said the country was in a deep recession. If they really think this will improve education, they better think again.

Or maybe they are planning to include video games, Youtube, Myspace, and others on the darn thing to keep the children’s attention. I guess that will get them to read more!

They don’t even read the damn books you give them for free! They end up losing them by the end of the school year anyways and they don’t give a damn. After all, why should they? they don’t have to pay for it! It’s free!

Now they are going to get a free $299 electronic device! So much for my tax dollars. Great!

As a teacher myself, it always intrigue me to see these big ideas on how to improve education coming from politicians who are not in the classroom! They don’t have a clue about what the real problem is!

Well, what the heck! More money for Amazon and its associates, and perhaps a kickback for the politicians. After all 56 million x $299 is an awful lot of money. How do I get a cut?

…or perhaps, I don’t know what I am talking about! What do you think?

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Video: How to Download KIndle Content If You Live Outside Overseas

Amazon Kindle content Download video:

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Using Kindle Overseas – Part 2

Can you buy a Amazon Kindle if you live overseas? The answer is yes.

How? Get someone in the USA to purchase it for you and ship to you. Reason being, you will need a credit/debit card with a USA address to establish an account and make the purchase.

If you have such a credit/debit card with you, great. You can make the purchase yourself, however, it will be shipped to the address you choose in the USA.

You can then have it shipped to you.

How do you get content?

You will not get any content delivered wirelessly to the device because you are way out of the wireless coverage area.

You will need to purchase content from the Amazon website, download it to your computer, and then use the USB cable to download it to your Kindle device.

Once you identify the content you want, make your purchase and go the manage y our kindle section of your account and follow the steps.

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Amazon Planning To Put Advertisement In Kindle Content

The word is out! Amazon has officially applied for a patent to  Incorporate Advertising in On-Demand Generated Kindle Content.

But what does this mean?
Are they planning to put ADs in books, magazines, blogs, or newspapers? Pick your choice! Which do you think is most appropriate or make more sense?

I would say, blogs, newspaper, and magazines. Now I may be wrong, but that’s my gut feeling.

I cannot see them putting Advertising in books…digital or not? That’s just too different from the norm.

I mean it would take a long time for Kindle digital books buyers to relate to this and it might even piss some people off! I don’t think Amazon would want to run that risk. At least not in the beginning.

But it does make a lot of sense for magazines, blogs, and newspaper. Readers are already used to seeing Ads in newspaper, blogs, and magazines. I have to admit it did look kind of weird not seeing those in the Kindle generated ones.

I mean, if you are going to deliver those kind of content, you might as well get it as close to reality as possible.

I knew that something was up when they rolled out the Kindle DX.  You see, Amazon is not stupid! They’ve been listening to the rumbling and  grumbling  of the publishers and realized that to really make Kindle the standard ebook reader, they are going to have to pull out all stops.

That mean fighting off would-be competitors and satisfying both customers and the publishers as well. Make it a win-win for all!

I did mention in one previous article that publishers were conspiring to find alternative ebook readers that would allow them to put Advertising in their content and let them in on a bigger slice of the pie.

I always knew, though that Amazon was not going to sit back and allow  competitors to come in and steal their market shares. They are going to fight to the death.

There is simply too much at steak here to just sit back and do nothing.

So, what does it mean for the customer?
Honestly, I don’t think customers will mind. As always this is just an added service…as long as it does not interfere with the content itself.

I am an early Kindle adopter and I don’t really care one way or another, and I believe others share the same sentiment.

Anyway, for me this was expected. I was wondering how long it would take to get there. But as we can see, things are already set in motion.

Now I have to keep my ears open to see how other ebook readers will respond.

Can things get more interesting? I don’t think so.

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What Kindle Textbooks Could Mean For Both The Amazon Kindle And The Student.

Cheaper Textbooks
You can expect Kindle textbooks to be cheaper than their printed counterparts, since it will eliminate the need for  printing, binding, and shipping.

Kindle-related  Sales could skyrocket
If a $80 textbook could be bought for $40, then buying 12 textbooks would cover the Kindle cost.  That’s about two semesters worth of textbooks.  The next six semesters (for a 4-year degree), would result in a 50% discount in textbooks cost  for students and perhaps a significant increase sales for Amazon…and that’s on the higher side.  Discounted prices could be much less.

Cheaper kindle?
A cheaper Kindle price must also be taken into serious consideration, if Amazon expect students to buy into the idea.

Consider the  “starving” student, some of whom work two or more jobs, to survive and attend school  full time. For these students, the current Kindle / Kindle DX prices could be the first high hurdle to overcome to get to the  ‘cheaper’ textbook.

Less load for Students
I remember dragging around those heavy backpacks back in college. It was so much work. With Kindle, that would disappear. This would no doubt be a welcome change for many students.

No more textbook re-sale for the ‘Starving Student.’
“Starving” students may not be able to-resell unwanted books to a book store or even amazon once they are through with the course.  The would eliminate that extra source of income to help make ends meet.

On the other hand, graduate students could stand to benefit since they tend to keep used books as references.

Perhaps a book-rental agreement of some kind would be the perfect solution, whereby  books could be downloaded  for a certain period of time for smaller fee than the cost of the book and automatically removed from the device at the end of the rental period.

My sixth sense tells me that this is highly unlikely, but then again, I may be wrong.

The dreaded ‘Fear Factor.’
Electronic failure! You have all your textbooks, notes, anotation, etc., on the Kindle and the night before the final exam, your Kindle refuses to  ‘wake up.’  Go forbid that this should happen, but it could. What you do then?

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Note: Already there are a few textbooks available at the kindle store.

To find out what’s available, go to the Kindle Store and do a ‘search’ for your title of interest.