Is is Safe To Use Kindle while Flying?

One of the questions that popped up recently about kindle is whether or not it is safe to use it on an airplane while in flight. I find this question to be rather interesting for the simple reason that Kindle is the kind of electronic device that you can take anywhere and practically use at anytime. So then, one would would imagine that several people would want to use it on an airplane while in flight. Well, having said that, here’s my take on the situation.

First and foremost Kindle is an electronic device that receives and transmit information (energy) both wirelessly and through USB cable. In both situations, electromagnetic radiation is either being emitted, received, or may I say, activated.

In the wireless case, information is actually being sent through space in the form of electromagnetic waves. These waves can be very intense, considering the fact that many devices may be transmitting or receiving the same electromagnetic radiation at the same time. Providing these Kindle devices are emitting and receiving information at the same frequency, we may end up with what is called constructive interference where these waves combine to produce even larger waves. The end result is that these same waves can and will interference with the waves that airplane uses for its navigation system. Interference of the airplanes navigation system, whether constructive or destructive, may result in the transmission and reception of the wrong data to and from the airplane’s navigations system. The could result in numerous crashes. To be on the safe side, it is best to turn off the wireless component while in flight.

The situation is a little different if you are just planning to read books, newspaper, and magazines, that are already stored on the device. When you do this, you are actually using electric current, I assume with very little oscillation of electric charges inside Kindle‘s electronics that produce the output of information. As a result, there will be very little radiation. And even with this small amount of radiation, I cannot imagine it being significant to the point where it interferes with the airplanes avionics. That said, I think it is safe to read stored material on Kindle while in flight.

This is just my opinion based upon my knowledge of Physics. If after reading this article, you feel the need to make a comment or a correction, please feel free to do so.

The bottom line is safety. Your best bet is to follow the policies set forth by the airline industry which are made with your safety in mind. They are the ones who decide whether or not an electronic device such as Kindle will potentially cause catastrophic flight interference. U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations require you to have permission from a crew member to use your device’s wireless service while the plane is on the ground..