Plastic Logic eReader – Kindle2, Kindle DX May Have Some Real Competiton After All!

Here’s an ereader Plastic Logic’s  planning to launch…notice they say it is designed for business reading. Hmmm!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For more info, go to the

But that’s not all.  What make this device even more interesting is that just like the Amazon kindle, it is set to have a  wireless connection courtesy of AT&T. Wow!

Now rumorville has it that AT&T planned to announce soon  that it will support an electronic book reading device due early next year from Plastic Logic.

But as we see in video, the device displayed is for business reading. Could this mean that there is a one-two punch in the works? The device in the video similar to the Kindle DX…and another device similar to Kindle 2 dedicated to just recreational reading?

If this is the case, then we will have a total replica of the Kindle 2,  Kindle Dx phenomenon.

Well! This looks like real competition. Plastic Logic, At&T, and Barnes & Nobles seem to get it!  This is really really interesting. Let’s see how Amazon respond.

Kindle 2, Kindle DX look out!

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