Latest Amazon Kindle Developments!

Kindle to the UK!
According to Crunch Gear, Amazon is currently working on a deal to get kindle to the UK before Christmas!

Wow! If there is any truth in this story, it is about time. I was wondering how long they were going to take to get this device on the international scene…considering the fact that many of our readers are asking the same question.

Apparently the civilized “world” has heard about this device and wants to be a part of the revolution…and if Amazon don’t move quickly enough, then someone else will.

Oh by the way, where are the Chinese? They usually clone “everything.” No Kindle clones yet? he he! Who knows, there may just be one in the works.
Oh well! I guess we will just have to keep our ears open to this UK Kindle development.

If this works out, then hopefully it willl open up the flood gates for Kindle to spread its wings on the international scene.

Law Suit for Kindle cracks!
According to the Seattle Times, there is a pending law suit against Amazons for cracks on customer Kindles. Wow! Is that possible? I may as well crack mine and follow suit…he he!

The latest is that Amazon is offering replacement Kindles! This should be enough to settle it, right?

Well, we will just have to wait and see what the real motive is. Considering that Amazon is offering such a simple solution. It would be interesting to see how the judge rule on this one should it end up in court.

If someone can sue you for a “crack on a Kindle” and win, then they probably can sue you for for just about anything. You know what? This may sound sadistic, but I want it to go to court just to see what happens! This should be interesting.

Proposal the put a Kindle in each of the 56 million k-12 students backpacks!
This comes via the Christian Science Monitor. I thought they said the country was in a deep recession. If they really think this will improve education, they better think again.

Or maybe they are planning to include video games, Youtube, Myspace, and others on the darn thing to keep the children’s attention. I guess that will get them to read more!

They don’t even read the damn books you give them for free! They end up losing them by the end of the school year anyways and they don’t give a damn. After all, why should they? they don’t have to pay for it! It’s free!

Now they are going to get a free $299 electronic device! So much for my tax dollars. Great!

As a teacher myself, it always intrigue me to see these big ideas on how to improve education coming from politicians who are not in the classroom! They don’t have a clue about what the real problem is!

Well, what the heck! More money for Amazon and its associates, and perhaps a kickback for the politicians. After all 56 million x $299 is an awful lot of money. How do I get a cut?

…or perhaps, I don’t know what I am talking about! What do you think?

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