Palm Pre Takes on the iPhone

The palm pre is an intriguing little device. I have decided to follow  it alongside Apple iphone because I believe that it is going to get interesting.


The competition is already on…and in case you wondering how well the Pre will do, I am going to make a prediction.

It is going to do well. If I am wrong, I will eat my words, but for now, I like the idea of finally having a smart phone that has the potential to  give the iPhone  ‘real’ competition.

With over 21 million sold worldwide and 50,000 plus applications available for download at the Apple store, the iPhone is in a class all by itself.

…not to mention the latest launch of the iPhone 3GS with some stellar features.

What’s so special about the Pre?
It is being touted as the 1st phone built to simulate the web itself. It can sync with the web, take data feed from email, pictures, video, facebook, linked in, twitter pals, and combine them into one comprehensive contact list without duplicates…a concept known on the Pre as synergy.

Also, with a feature called Universal search, if you just start typing on the keyboard, WebOS pulls up a pane that searches will search your contacts via google, wikipedia, or twitter.

Type a question and you have the answer almost immediately.

The user environment is a website. That means anyone who can build a website can write an application for the platform. This opens the door for a ton of future applications.

Also, the user interface can run a dozen applications simultaneously. Each application is represented by a virtual card. To switch between programs, simply leaf through the cards.

To close an application , simply filck away the card.

Clearly, the Key to the Pre’s success will definitely hinge heavily on it WebOS application.

Quick comparison with the iPhone





Over 50,000 available.

Can only run one at a time

Over a dozen available

Can run a dozen at a time.

Need to work out bugs



Will take years to compete


Data in different locations.

Cleverly organize facebook, Gmail, calendars, and exchange contact into one.


Cannot search within contact.

Can search within contacts.

Stay tuned for a more detailed comparison later. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts.

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