Three Things You MUST know About Your Kindle DX

Can you trade in your Kindle 2 to get one?
Only if your kindle 2 purchase is less then 30 days old. You can return it, pay the extras and get a Kindle DX instead.

otherwise, if you own a Kindle 2 and want the Kindle DX experience you will have to fork out another $489…bummer!

Can you transfer your Kindle 2 books and subscriptions to your Kindle DX?
Your books and subscription are yours, you can do whatever you want with them except transfer them to a device that’s not registered to you.

…but, You can transfer them to as many as you want including the Kindle DX as long as they are all registered under your name.

Which makes me wonder.  What if I wanted to use my friends content. Can I temporarily register my device under his/her name, transfer the content to my device,  and the re-register the device under my name? Something to think about!

Subscriptions, though,  are allowed only on one Kindle at a time. Meaning that each Kindle 2 or Kindle DX must have its own subscription. They are not allowed to share subscriptions.

How is Kindle DX different from Kindle 2?
Kindle DX is different in five ways: display size, weight, capacity, PDF support and screen rotation.amazonlandscape

Kindle DX is bigger, weighs more, holds more (2000 more books), natively supports PDF (no need for conversion), and allows portrait and landscape screen orientation.

Perhaps you had these questions in  mind. If you did, I hope this cleared it up. Let’s hear your thoughts.


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