Kindle DX… does Size really matter?

What is the real scoop with the Amazon Kindle DX? Why was it built with such a large screen…9.7″… when the only difference between it and Amazon Kindle 2 is it’s size and capacity?

The answer …it was  built with Newspapers,  magazines and textbooks  in mind!

Yes, Kindle 2 can display magazines, newspapers…but where are the ADs that goes along with them?…they are all missing in action!

…as a result, Amazon not only set the price for these Newspapers and magazines, but also deprive the publishers of making additional income.

The publishers are grumbling, and Amazon is listening. After all, what else can they do, when there are some many competitors on the horizon?

They have to oblige if they are going to stay ahead of the game!

…and what will this mean for the public? Magazine and Newpaper subscriptions will be cheaper, Amazon will still gets it share, and publishers will stand to earn more from the ADs… so they can afford to cut subscription prices.

I can almost assure you that very soon after the DX is released, you will see an advertising component added to its newspaper and  magazines issues.

When and how it will be done? We don’t know yet, but it’s coming…mark my words.

One more thing about this new DX, the increased screen size is “perfect’ for magazine and newspaper display…making them  somewhat closer to the “real” thing.

One other component that’s being tested right now is textbook. Imagine the income potential from making textbooks available on the Kindle DX. Schools will get involved, more people will become aware of the Amazon Kindle, Kindle sale will skyrocket, and the snowball will grow out of control.

…well, its in the works!

In fact there are pilot programs going on as we speak.

Can you see into the future? Kindle DX is about to change some things for sure.

Until next time….Let us know your thoughts!.