Kindle DX ships June 10

The long wait is almost over for the first Kindle DX to get into the hands of customers!

Since the announce of its arrival on May 6, many kindle customers joined the pre-order line to make sure that their beloved DX is delivered on their doorsteps on the 1oth of the month.

If you did not place your order before the June 5th, you will have to wait a little longer…and that wait time depends on where you are in line.


Meanwhile the number of books available at the Kindle store has risen to 300,000 and counting…another milestone for the Amazon Kindle which seems to be adding books at a merry clip lately.

…not to mention the fact that there are some textbooks available as well…therein lies one of the reason for the Kindle DX.

This is just me, but I think you can expect new features added to the DX soon to enhance the textbook experience.

That’s it for now, let us know your thoughts.

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