Could your Computer or cellphone screen be the Next ebook reader?

Imagine reading tons of books online or on your mobile device at the click of a button.

Thanks to Google, your computer, cellphone screen, and other mobile devices could become the next e-book reader.

Already with over 1.5 million public domain books available, and copyrighted books available for preview, …Google is hoping to deliver favorites to the masses over the internet…at a price…acting only as a filter for millions of fiction, nonfiction, and reference titles.

It plans to offer publishers the option to sell their books  online,  and set their own prices!  This tactic could attract numerous publishers who’ve expressed concerns about Amazon’s pricing strategy for ebooks.

Is this competition for the Amazon Kindle  and other e-book readers?

Let’s see…

If its available on the internet it will be available on all mobile devices that can access the internet…including cellphones.

…and perhaps even the Amazon Kindle which for some time now still maintain an Experimental Web browser on the device? Which leaves us with the question, How long will this remain experimental?

Also, apart from Kindle,  the only other mobile device that  present Amazon Kindle books is the iPhone.

But is that enough to turn the tide in Google’s favor?  We will have to wait and see…

But…in the meantime, cellphones screens may be too small for reading books…and computers are not as mobile as Kindle devices.

People may still opt for Kindles  even with access to Google books for that simple reason.

Also, It ‘kinda’ hard to  read, talk, and text at the same time…after all, cellphones are for talking not reading. Who’s going to spend hours reading tiny fonts on a cellphone as oppose to talking or texting.

Kindle’s, PRS-700BC, iRex iliads, etc., are more like books…the size, the shape, the screens…it just have that feel about it…so who knows, that may play a big role in readers decision to buy.

Things are getting interesting as the day goes by…We will just have to wait an see how it pans out. 

Your comments and thoughts are welcome.

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