New 3qi Screen Launch to Rival e-ink

There’s been much talk about the impending lauch of PixelQi’s  3qi screen designed for netbook computers and ebook readers.

 According to PixelQi’s founder, Mary Lou Jepsen, “…one of our screens is in full color saturation with its backlight on, the other of our screens is … in its e-paper mode with backlight off. These screens will be available this fall in netbooks and ebook readers.”

This new 3qi screen is designed to deliver a high-resolution, color LCD mode, an e-paper mode, and a super low-power black-and-white mode.

…and it’s expected to  be relatively cheap.

Here are some photo I found  floating around on the “net” of what the screen look like.  As you can see, this is only two of the expected three screen modes.

3qi3    3qi


…color LCD, and e-paper.

The third black and white screen mode is not shown here.

What does this mean for e-ink?
Many are predicting  the beginning of the end  for e-ink…since PixleQi’s  LCD version will be more  cheaper to produce, is “more readable,” and offer the dynamics of a three-in-one screen-mode.

Imagine an ebook reader with the option to switch screen mode. Will it be well received? What will this mean for the device?…and since these same screen will be on mini-computers , will these mini-computer offer the same technology as ebook readers and if so , will reader choose them over ebook readers?

Clearly there are a lot of questions to be answered, but only time will give the answers.

For now, lets get ready for the launch of this new 3qi screen and see where it takes us.

That’s all for now…talk to you soon!

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