Kindle DX VS iRex Digital Reader 1000 / 1000s


iRex Digital Reader 1000


iRex Digital Reader 1000S


Kindle DX



10.2”diagonal E Ink®

1024×1280 pixel

16-level gray scale

9.7”diagonal E Ink®

1200×824 pixel

16-level gray scale


10.5”x 8.55″ x 0.47″ 10.4 “ x 7.2” x 0.38”


20.1 oz 18.9 oz


1000 books on card 3500 books


? 6 sizes




















Unprotected Mobipocket (.prc, .mobi)





Numerous titles available from Project Gutenberg, and Mobipocket plus other free eBook sites.

More than 285,000 books at Amazon store.

U.S. newspapers including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post; top magazines including TIME, Atlantic Monthly, and Forbes

Top international newspapers from France, Germany, and Ireland.

Numerous blogs.

Email your Word documents and pictures (.JPG, .GIF, .BMP, .PNG) to Kindle for easy on-the-go viewing.

Free book samples. Download and read first chapters for free before you decide to buy.


1 GB SD card slot holds up to 1000 books No slots

Computer requirement

Require computer to browse for, buy, and download books.

For USB Charging

For purchase and content download in non- wireless coverage area

For USB charging.


Wi-fi for wireless transfer

USB cable for transfer when necessary

EVDO/CDMA Wireless to shop the Kindle store and download content

USB cable for content transfer when necessary.








Yes: Wi-Fi Yes: Sprint (EVDO)

Power supply

Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
5 hours USB recharge
Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery.

AC Power adapter

Turn wireless off and read for a week or more before recharging.

Fully recharges in 4 hours with USB 2.0 cable



USB cable

Quick start guide

(No stylus with 1000 series)

Power adapter

USB 2.0 cable

Special Features

Print documents directly to device

1000s series works interactively with documents- stylus pen

SDK and other custom applications installed for extended functionalities and enhanced overall performance

Improved on-screen keyboard
faster feedback

device wakes-up with stylus tap (1000s)

See Paul’s comment below for a number of additional details.

Text-to-Speech feature allows device to read to you.

New York Times Best Sellers and New Releases $9.99

New5-way controller

Images and can be zoomed to the full size of the screen

50,000 audio titles from

New Whispersync technology allows you to switch back and forth between your Kindle devices and iPhone.

Basic Web browser reads simple, text-centric Web sites

Transfer MP3 files to Kindle as background music while you read

Free book samples

Built in dictionary

Search within books

landscape screen view mode

Vuilt-in PDF reader, using Adobe’s mobile reader

Experimental tab now on Main Menu for access to simple web browser, text-to speech, and play MP3 music.

Note: The difference between iRex Digital Reader 1000 and 1000s is the stylus pen.

The verdict:

Kindle can do everything the digital reader can except interactive annotation, print document capture, store documents on SD card, present documents in other languages, and hit wi-fi hotspots.

Digital reader can do everything Kindle can except, wireless whispernet content delivery, whisper-syncing with other devices, deliver magzines and blogs, browse the internet, access built-in dictionary, and play music background music.

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16 Responses

  1. You are missing a key feature of the DR1000 device: you have an SDK and develop custom applications on it! When you speak B2B this is a huge difference indeed. And yes, I think it will add 3G connectivity sooner or later…

  2. Thanks for that value addition Antonio. We strive for accuracy, reliability and completeness and we do value your input.

  3. I just updated my DR1000S with the recent firmware 1.6.
    I am amazed how fast it works.
    For work related documents, I love my Irex…

  4. the irex seems formidable, however it doesn’t support the kindle books from amazon, which are delivered in another format, i think it is azw.
    this would be a very good addition

  5. As for content and newspapers/magazines: DR1000S has a special application that supports PressDisplay’s content. They have about 800 or 900 newspapers from around the world available and they’re free for 30 days.

  6. And your resolution for the DX is considerably off…1200×824 is the real spec.

  7. A few points:

    1) There IS newspaper support for the DR1000s, by using the free PressDisplay/PressReader software – which offers more than 1,000 world newspapers.

    Subscriptions for any and ALL their papers is $31.95/month, $9.95 for 31/month. If you read more than one paper (for example, if you want to read the local papers’ coverage of distant stories), it’s not a bad deal.
    (As far as I know, the newspaper subscriptions aren’t free for the Kindle, no?)
    See here for subscription plans.:
    As far as I can find, the PressReader mobile software, as far as eInk readers is concerned, is only available for the DR1000s.
    NOTA: you can read the newspapers online for free.

    2) Some folks may need to be reminded that the DR1000s use SD cards and thus the DR1000s’ ‘internal’ memory is limited to whatever you’ve currently got inserted in the slot. So the “1000 books on card” Capacity statement should reflect this – with a ‘See Below @ Expansion’ comment. Put an 8G SD card in there, and you’ve got 8,000 books on hand… Or 8,000,000 magazine articles, 4,000,000 articles with illustrations, 2,000,000 research papers.

    3) Fonts are whatever’s loaded into the PDF. Txt files have only one font, as far as I know – but it’s scalable – 6pt to 34pt in 2pt increments, 15 sizes.

    3) I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the ‘wireless’ connection on the Kindle is limited to the USA.

    4) I’ve read quite a number of books, in ‘camera-ready’, on my iLiad – complete with the ‘cut-here’ marks and colour separation bulls-eyes. Zoom-able PDFs is a really important feature.
    (Many authors make them available for free. You’d be surprised.)

    5) I can’t tell you just how satisfying it is to be able to Scribble notes, via a stylus – directly onto the document.
    ESPECIALLY if you disagree with the author.

    6) The iRex readers’ pretty-much-open-source Linux environment makes them pretty much immune from DRM-revoking-your-rights worries. The company’s business model isn’t based on sending you back to their store to justify a lower-priced reader. And they seem to encourage their users to expand their readers’ cababilities, at least as far as I can tell.

    7) I’m not sure if it’s clear to most users. The iRex readers support protected and unprotected Mobipocket PRC files.

    8) Shouldn’t the photos of the readers be ‘to scale’ for comparisons’ sake?

    OK, I’ll stop now.

  8. 1000S doesn’t have WIFI. 1000SW will have one if it finally gets released.

  9. I would like to have a faire review of the readability of both screens for pdf textbooks. Zooming and reflowing is not enabled on the Kindle which could be a problem. What about the contrast (Black on White) and font appareance on both models? Can someone produce picts of both models displaying the same document? Thanks

  10. I would like to have a fair review of the readability of both screens for pdf textbooks. Zooming and reflowing is not enabled on the Kindle which could be a problem. What about the contrast (Black on White) and font appareance on both models? Can someone produce picts of both models displaying the same document? Thanks

  11. I have a DR1000S. I got it soon after it was released. When it first came out, it was buggy, and the newest (1.6) firmware does make it useable. The big difference from the Kindle is the ability to write notes on the screen, but the battery life is not as good as the Kindle. You can probably get 5 – 6 hours of continuous use on a charge. This is considerably improved from the initial release, as the power management system is being improved. This may be enough for most people, but if you are on a long flight, it is not enough. In addition, the battery drains even if you are not using the device, and so, you need to be aware of that.

    You can shift to landscape mode with the 1000S, but it is through a menu selection.

    Another advantage of the 1000S, however, is that it seems to fully support pdf, including table of contents, links, etc. This can be a useful feature, and as I understand it, the Kindle DX does not support this.

    There are some annoying issues with the 1000S, besides the power management. The buttons do work, but they do not feel very responsive sometimes. (I think the latest firmware has improved this to a significant degree.) Navigation is easy, but sluggish at times. However, the use of a stylus for can be annoying. The ability to write on screen is great, but it can be tricky to read what you wrote as this feature still needs some improvement. However, the company (IRex) has steadily been releasing firmware updates, which has improved the function of the device.

    Overall, the 1000S is a nice unit. It is still buggy, but it has a lot of features that make it great for the academic/professional who wants to use it. If the Kindle DX would fully implement the features of pdf files, such as table of contents, links, and reflow after zooming, as well as add folders/file management and the ability to annotate, it would probably be the device to get in most situations. The 1000S has been improving, but the battery life issue still needs some work. I would still recommend the 1000S, but I am still considering getting a Kindle DX if it appears some of the above features are addressed.

  12. i was very close to buying a kindle dx until i started reading about the pdf – if they fixed that i would get it!!!

    At the moment though i leaning towards the irex

  13. I have two questions :
    – which one has the shortest power on?
    – which one is faster while browsing a pdf ebook with many pages?

    The reason I ask is that I find there is still a lot of waiting time on my DR1000S. I will change for a DX if it really provides a more fluid user experience.

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