Now You can Access Kindle Notes and Highlights directly From the Web!

You can now use the web to access the notes and highlights made on  your Amazon Kindle 2   or  Kindle DX

This new feature is designed to make process quicker and more efficient.

You may  be able to relate to the fact that as you accumulate more and more notes and highlights on the device, it takes a little work to retrieve them when needed…all those clicks and scrolls!

The process may now be a bit easier.  Just go to,log in as you would to your amazon account, and all the content you have bought and highlighted or annotated will be listed in front of you.

Simply click on the one of your choosing and all the notes and highlights made for that content will be listed in detail for you to read.

I like the fact that all my notes and highlights are sorted and listed in detail because I do make a lot.

…but each time, I needed to recall them, I have to search, click, and scroll, which takes time. Sometimes I don’t even bother.

This new approach saves time for me. What do you think?

Until next time!

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