A “Cooler-ereader” is here!

The ebook reader market is heating up!  Sooner rather than later you will see ebook readers popping up from every crevice and corner you can think of.

The Coolreader-ebook reader is among the first..


A Few Details…

With its companion site coolerBOOKS.com, readers will have access to over  750,000 titles.

It support formats such as JPEG, PDF, TXT ,  and  EPUB

Text size is adjustable.

It uses an E Ink VizplexTM screen…supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Ukrainian, Mandarin and Japanese

…can hold about 300 books

…available in the following colors:  Ruby, Blue Sky, Hot Pink, Vivid Violet, Cool Pink, Racing Green, Black Jack and Silver Shine

Neil Jones, company founder, describes it as the “iPod moment e-readers have been waiting for, calling it the first of its kind designed specifically for the non-technologically inclined readers.

that’s it for now… for more information go to Coolreaders.com

later, I will lay it beside the “big boys” Kindle2, Reader Digital Book series, and others…just to see how it stacks up.

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