Newspaper and Periodical Publishers Actively Looking for Kindle Competitors!

A few publishers are forging alliances with consumer-electronics firms to support e-readers that meet their needs

Many newspaper and magazine companies are  feeling let down by the Kindle electronic reader.

Their complaint: Amazon is acting as a middleman with subscribers and controls pricing…plus the display is not conducive to adve rtising.

Hearst Corp., publisher of San Francisco and Houston Chronicle is backing a venture with FirstPaper LLC to create a software platform that will support digital downloads of newspapers and magazines

A venture that’s expected to result in devices that with a bigger screen and the ability to show ads.

USA Today and the Financial Times and other newspapers have signed with Plastic Logic Ltd., a startup that is readying a reading tablet, the size of a letter-sized sheet of paper, that can displays books, periodicals and work documents.ereaderalt

The device (shown here)  is slated to be rolled out early next year, and will offer publishers the chance to include ads.

 Apple  Inc. is readying a device that may make it easier to read digital books and periodicals, a prospect some publishers are eagerly awaiting.

News Corp., which owns The Wall Street Journal, also is exploring a possible investment in a Kindle competitor.

Sony, creators of the ereader digital (a current kindle competitor),  is planning the launch a wireless e-reader device that can download “daily content,” and is currently in talks with publishers.

Amazon aware of the complaints is itself is developing a new Kindle with a bigger screen more suited to newspapers and magazines.

Some publishers also are focusing their portable-reading efforts on devices people already use.

As expected, things are starting to heat  up…let’s see who will come out on top.


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