Changes to Sending Personal Document

Sending Files

As of May 4,  you will be able to send RTF files to your Kindle email address for convenient wireless delivery.

This is added  to  the DOC, HTML, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TXT, AZW, MOBI, and PRC, that your Kindle2 already support.

Also, in addition to sending experimental PDF, you will be able to send DOCX files for conversion.

Some complex PDF and DOCX files might not format correctly on your Kindle.

Fee Changes

The fee for sending the files will now be based on the size of your file.

The new rate  for this Personal Document Service (via Whispernet) is will be $0.15 per megabyte rounded up to the next whole megabyte.

Downloading your personal for free is still an option if you are not in a wireless area, or you simply do not want to pay the fee.

To get the free file transfer,  send attachments to “name” to be converted.

These documents will be e-mailed to your computer at the e-mail address associated with your account login.

You can then transfer it to your Kindle over USB for free.

For more information on this you can visit Transfering Documents and File to Kindle 2 at the Amazon website.

One Response

  1. Bummer about the new rates, I’ll just stick to downloading them to my computer. But *finally* they add some limited DOCX support. It bugged me that they didn’t support Word 2007 when we’re in 2009 now….About time to have support for those.

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