Barnes & Noble’s May Develop A Kindle-Like Device

Rumor has it that Barnes and Noble is working on developing a kindle-like device for making more of its book available to its readers.

This is not the first time that the nation’s No. 1  book store chain has tried its hand at an electronic book reader as it did so back in 2003 in partnership with Microsoft and Adobe, only to abandon the project due to disappointing sales.

Now that the Amazon Kindle is successfully making in-roads into the  ebook reader market, Barnes & Noble’s may be looking to get in on its  share.

The news came one week after the CTIA wireless show, where source say Barnes and Nobles may be leaning in that direction.

Since the Amazon Kindle came about in November 2007,  it has racked up quite a following among loyal readers as well of significant profit for the company.

This year Amazon is expected to gross some 65 million dollars in profit and about 285 million next year.

A possible wireless partner for the project could either be Sprint ( the same one Amazon uses) or AT&T, who  is looking to get in more on the action since its partnership with Amazon and Apple to bring wireless reading to the iPhone.

Stay tuned for more on how this rumor pans out…


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