Kindle Delivers Again.

There I was sitting in my bedroom on this particular night watching late night television when on came this particular infomercial. Normally when this happen, I just click to another channel. This time, however, I did not. Instead, I sat and  listened as the host talked about his book.

“This book has everything you need to get you out of debt and start your life all over again,” he said. “Oh yea?” I thought to myself, “you’re just saying that to make some money.”

But the thing that caught my eye were the two really beautiful ladies sitting on either side of him asking all kinds of questions for which he had some rather interesing answers. Of course, I know it’s all choreographed, but that which was being said was enough arouse my curiosity.

He went on and on and on…(yea, Kevin Turdeau – that’s his name and the book is – Debt Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About) about how this amazing book had the solution to my credit problem….and all I had to do was call the 1-800-number flashing across the screen to order. The cost – 24 plus bucks.

Okay, so my curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to see what was in the darn book…so I bit.

Well, not quite yet, there was one problem. I did not want to pay the $24 plus for it. I wanted it for less.

So, I grabbed my kindle, “fired it up” and did a quick searched at the store to see if it was available…and what do you know? it was there for 9.99.  I clicked over and read some reviews to see what others had to say about it. As expected, some were positive others negative.

I figured the negative ones were probably written by disgruntled creditors who felt that there money making machine was under attack.

The positive ones seemed more genuine, but I wanted to see for myself. I  downloaded a free sample and read it all in one sitting. In the end, my curiosity increased. 

I hesitated…”what could I lose?”  – $9.99. What’s the solution? Buy it, read it quickly, and if it did not deliver, get a refund.

So,  “click” I bought  and the book was on my Kindle in less than a minute. I started reading right away.

Some of the information in the book, I already knew, but I also found some unfamiliar and pretty useful gems.  As quick as I found them, I acted on them.

My view of the credit system was confirmed: it’s all a game designed to screw the consumer out of his/her money and enslave them into lifelong repayment plan.

I am re-reading now at a slower pace. My goal? to become thoroughly acquainted with the content.

The point I want to make, though, is that Kindle  has delivered  for me once again. I did not have to call  (because I did not want to), nor did I have to wait, drive to a store, or search online to purchase the book. I had it right there at my fingertips at a bargain price in the middle of the night.

My curiosity was immideately satisfied and my informational need met. Should such another situation arise, I will take advantage of it all over again.

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  1. I do not own a Kindle yet. However, I understand that the 2nd generation Kindle is coming out in 2009. It is my intention to purchase this newer version as soon as it is available. When will it be for sale and how can I purchase it?

    Thank you, Richard ORselli

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