Kindle Content in Spanish?

Today one of my spanish friends picked up my Kindle, looked at it and said, “I get one,” I asked her, “did you order it yet?” she responded, “no.” “Well,” I said, “you will have to do it quickly, if you plan to get it for the holidays.” “Do they come in Spanish?” she asked. “Hmmm,” I responded, “I do not know, but I’ll to find out.” “Please,” she said, “that would be nice.”

At the end of the conversation, I called’s Kindle support. A young man answered the phone and said there was no such content.

“What I will do is make a note of it and pass it on to the engineers, ” he said. “It might be something they may want to take a closer look at.” I acknowledged, and hung up.

What an awsome idea? Kindle becoming a multi-cultural reading device. It would be even nicer if it did so on version 2.

But how could language (not just spanish) be added to Kindle in a quick efficient manner?

Well one possibility could be to convert English content to Spanish (or another language) as long as there is no context issue. If there is, then another possibility could be to tap into the writings of Hispanic authors (or other non-english authors) by getting them to publish their writing on Kindle, then market it to the appropriate community.

This may be quite a bit of work, but either way, the idea of having a language oriented kindle, in my mind, is pretty cool. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s just wait and see what Amazon does.


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  1. It is still possible to get a refurbished Kindles by Christmas, direct from Amazon (although at this point I’d recommend you pay for at least 2-day shipping):

    Note that if the refurbished units are sold out, that page will also display “used” Kindles being sold by third parties, not Amazon. Generally these are new or only slightly used units, sold at a premium due to the shortage. I know that dozens of the refurbished Kindles have been sold and shipped since Dec 1, but they go in an out of stock quickly. They don’t last on the site very long, so if you want one, you must order it immediately if you find one in stock. If you they are out of stock when you check, be sure to read my blog for tips on getting one:

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