Four Advantages To Publishing A Book On Kindle

Publishing Is Quick and easy
Digital Text Platform brings self-publishing to your fingertips. You can quickly upload your digital content, submit your sales copy, enter pricing information, and publish your content. Your content becomes available almost immediately at the Kindle Store and you have immediate access to thousands of kindle customers who can purchase , download , and start reading. your content immediately.

All the business, marketing, and vendor support you need to optimize your sales is provided right there at the Kindle Store. Titles published at the store are eligible for automated merchandising and personalization,’s excellent Customer Service and order fulfillment services.

As a Publisher You Set Your Own “list Price” for Content.
You are allowed to set the retail price for your content. reserves the right to set the price at their own discretion, but until they exercise that right, pricing is within your power. You will be paid a set percentage of the list price in line with terms and conditions.

From time to time, Amazon may offer your product to customers at a discounted price. This will not affect your earning percentage even if they change your retail price. Amazon’s decision to discount products is based on a number of considerations which may vary from time to time. Hundreds of thousands of items are offered at discounted price at Amazon every day.

Customer Service is Simplified
If for some reason a customer is not satisfied with your product, the kindle store offers a refund within seven days of purchase. You don’t ever have to deal with a customer yourself. Refunds will appear as a negative transaction on your transaction report, and will be subtracted from your account balance.

Payment is Quick and Easy
Each month Amazon will pay you via electronic funds deposited directly into your bank account. You just need to supply your banking information to them. If for some reason your banking information changes over time, you can easily update it on the website so that you can continue to be paid.

You will also need to pay taxes on the income you get from your sales. So, federal law requires that you submit your personal information for that purpose.


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