Kindle-Edition Textbooks To Be Published By Princeton University Press

Princeton University (Jeff Bezos’ alma mata) announced recently that it will begin publishing Kindle-edition textbooks this coming fall, a move that could see Kindle make inroads into the textbook arena.

Since its arrival last November, there has been much talk about Kindle’s potential as a textbook replacement. With its capacity to hold up to 200 titles plus much more on removable storage, students could simply purchase, download, and access textbook content all at the click of a button. No longer would there be a need to drag around “huge” backpacks loaded with paper-version textbooks.

But how will students respond? No one knows. Princeton’s decision to be the first publish Kindle e-textbooks is just a test. Of course, others will be watching to see how it pans out. Personally, I expect positive results.

But…there may be one drawback, Kindle’s Price. If things turn out well, Amazon may have to make another price cut from its present $359 to make the device affordable to all students.


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