5,000 More New Books For Kindle

Amazon’s Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos appeared at the BookExpo America convention in Los Angeles on Friday and talked at length about the benefits of offering electronic books on Kindle.

“…one of the great things about electronic books,” Bezos said. is that “They don’t go out of stock.”

This came after Amazon’s earlier announcement that Simon & Schuster Inc. will make 5,000 books available for Kindle which will result in a the availability of about 125,000 Kindle titles.

Amazon quickly sold Out the new tell-all book, “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception,” by former White House press secretary Scott McClellan. Bezos pointed out that though the hard copies are gone, the electronic copy is still available for download on Kindle at the reduced price of $9.99 versus the hard copy price of $15.37

To-date Kindle e-books account for approximately 6 percent of sales among all titles, but Amazon still will not give details about the number of actual sales.

It was only a week ago that Kindle’s price dropped from the initial $399 to $359 a $40 reduction in price which might just be an indicator that Kindle sales may have been on the down-slide…especially in these harsh economic times.

Even with this price reduction, Kindle is still about $60 short of its main competitor, the Sony Reader. But then again it does offer the wireless feature which you don’t get with the Reader.

On Wednesday Bezos told CNBC that with all the ongoing developments, Kindle


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  1. […] Electronic book readers can store hundreds even thousands of books in their memory depending on which device you get. With such a library at your fingertips the benefits are great. Storing so many books in one small device definitely gets rid of the space problem at home, in your office, and in your bag. […]

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