Tech Buzz!!! – As eBooks enter the mainstream, E Ink develops faster and more flexible displays

Last week at the SID Display Week 2008 show in Los Angeles, California, E Ink® Corporation, the leading developer and provider of electronic ink technology showed off its new segmented plastic display cells (SDC) which is 40% thinner than its predecessors and operates within a wider temperature range with improved flexibility.

Also, a new controller capable of animations, faster menus, typing, tablet screen sizes, and increased gray-scales was revealed along with an innovative electrophoretic color display.

What does this mean for the electronic reader market? It means that the leading electronic readers including Kindle, Sony Reader(PRS-505), iRex iLiad, Hanlin eReader V3, Bookeen Cybook among others, which are already using electronic ink technology for content display, could now have a reason to develop the next generation device.

As electronic readers move into the mainstream, there is much talk about which one is best. Each device offer excellent features in its own right, some a little more than others, but this may be the time for them to really take advantage of the new technologies and distinguish themselves from the other.

Who will move first and in what way? We will just have to wait and see. As for me, I am already imagining having a Kindle (my choice of electronic reader, thus far mainly because of the whispernet technology and the wide array of available content) capable of animations…and if Amazon is listening this may be the opportunity to improve on the navigation buttons, especially the “Next Page” and the “Prev page” ones, which as mention before, are really clumsy.

Whatever happens, the future of electronic readers look very bright.


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