Three Easy Steps to Publishing on Kindle

Have you written a book and would like to publish it without going through the headache of dealing with a publisher? You can do it with your Kindle. All you need to do is to sign up with Amazon’s Digital Text Platform (DTP), upload and format your book, and sell it at the kindle store …it’s that simple.

Signing Up
1. If you do not have an Amazon account, go to and sign up. Once done, sign in and access the Digital Text Platform dashoard.

2. Configure you account information in the “My Account” tab on the Digital Text Platform dashboard to ensure that you get paid.

3. Publish your content by following the steps in this guide.

Uploading and converting your document
It’s important to note that Amazon DTP supports several document formats for uploading and conversion (HTML, unencrypted .mobi eBook files, Microsoft Word (.doc), plain text (.txt) and Adobe PDF)

The preferred format for uploading content is as a single HTML file. If you want to include images, you will need to provide a ZIP file that includes the images as well as the HTML file that refers to them (check the formatting guides to find out how to link to images from HTML). The HTML and image files all have to be in the same folder inside the zip file. For more info go here


2 Responses

  1. I would appreciate it if you would provide an answer to a query which I can’t seem to find anywhere.
    I already have printed and bound copies of the book I want to publish. How do I forward the book as is to Kindle?
    Please don’t tell me the bad news that I have to re-type the whole thing on line.
    Thanks for your advice.
    Claire Joyce

    • I am assuming that you don’t have an electronic version of your book.

      If that’s the case, then you are going to have to get it in one of the following electronic formats: HTML, plain text (.txt) Microsoft Word (.doc, but not .docx), and Adobe Reader (.pdf).

      Preferably the HTML format, which has the best conversion results.

      There is no other way!

      You may be able to scan it into the computer. There are software out there that allows you to edit it after you scan.

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