iRex iLiad Vs Kindle Update

Language Support
iLiad: Dutch, English, German, French and Simplified Chinese.
Kindle : English

Note-taking and Annotations
iLiad: Interactive note-taking and annotations with stylus pen. Annotated documents and notes can easily be transferred to a PC or another iLiad. Your friends and colleagues can also add remarks or edit your notes and return them to you.
Kindle: Make notes and annotations with the click of the select button. Not transferable to and from another kindle

Dedicated Book Edition
iLiad: Book edition launched early this month focuses solely on book reading. Have the capacity to hold a lot more titles when compared to the original iLiad…up to an additional 8GB from external memory. It also comes with 50 pre-loaded classics – including thrillers, romances, horror stories and comedy. Designed in a new sleek silver color.

Kindle: No such dedicated book version.

Convert Handwritten Notes to Digital
iLiad: With MyScript Notes, a stand-alone PC application, you can convert the handwritten notes you make on the iLiad into digital text that can be used with text editors, spreadsheets and e-mail clients.

Kindle: No ability to make handwritten notes.


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