Kindle Watch Updates

Perhaps its a little premature to talk about the second generation Kindle this early seeing that Kindle came on the scene only seven months ago. With the hundreds of feedback that Amazon get on the device everyday, they simply cannot ignore what the customers are saying. Back in December when everyone was looking toward 2008, I wrote an article about the Kindle Watch. As I look back now and think about the things I said, I think I may have gotten a little ahead of myself.

I believe, we need to give the creators of the device more time to assess all the feedbacks, put the data into perspective, then try to figure out the best direction for the future of Kindle. But while we wait, I want to bring to your attention the one update that have occurred thus far:

Software Update
This most recent kindle software: 1.0.4 was released back in February 2008. To get updates, you may not have to do anything. Kindle is designed to automatically check for and download updates when it’s available. If an update is available, Kindle will download and install the update the next time the wireless connection is activated. During the update, you will see screens that show the update progress. The update should take less than 10 minutes and is complete when Kindle displays the Home screen. make sure you do not turn the power off or reset the Kindle until the update is completed.

If for some reason you have to activate the software update manually, just follow these simple steps:
1. Set the Kindle Power and Wireless switches to the “ON” position.
2. Check the Whispernet status indicator at the bottom of the screen to ensure you are connected.
3. Put Kindle to sleep by holding down the [ALT] key and pressing the [AA] key.

Updating Kindle Without Wireless Connectivity
If you are unable to update Kindle via the wireless connection, your alternative is to us the computer/USB combination. First you will need to download the update to your computer and transfer the file to your Kindle. This process takes approximately 10 minutes…so be patient. When the update is completed successfully, Kindle will automatically restart and delete the update source file from memory to maximize Kindle’s available storage space.

* If you are unfamiliar with using Kindle’s USB connection: Please see this article. If you need to manually install the Kindle software update? do the following:

1. Visit to download the Kindle software update file.

2. Set your Kindle power switch to the “ON” position.

3. Connect Kindle to your computer using the USB cable.

4. Use your computer’s file browser to copy the file “Update_kindle_1.0.4.bin” from your computer to Kindle’s root directory or the SD card. Do not place the file into one of Kindle’s folders.

5. Check the USB activity indicator on the Kindle cursor bar. When the silver cursor stops flashing, the file transfer is complete and you can safely disconnect Kindle from your computer.

6. Use your computer to unmount or eject your Kindle and disconnect the USB cable from Kindle and your computer.

7. Press the Home key and then select “Settings” from the Home menu.

8. From Settings screen, select “Update Your Kindle”….this menu option will be grayed out if the most recent update has already been installed.

9. Select “Ok” when prompted if you want to perform an update.

10. Check the software version installed on your Kindle by 1) setting your Kindle power switch to the “ON” position. 2) Press the Home key and then select “Settings” from the Home menu. 3) View the version listed at the bottom of the Settings screen. The version listed should be “Kindle 1.0.4 (144750018)”.

That’s it thus far…just a simply software update. Maybe there is something else in the works…who knows…whatever happens we will keep you posted.


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