How to Play Game and Start a Slide show on Kindle

Mine Sweep
You can enjoy a game of mine sweep on your Kindle by doing the following:
1. Go to the Home Screen
2. Press “Alt + shift (arrow pointing up) + m” all at the same time – the game should appear and you can start playing immediately. Simply follow the navigation instructions on the screen.
3. If you need a little more challenge, click “Menu,” while in the game mode, to change the level of difficulty.

Slide Show
You can start a slide show of any document on your Kindle while you are reading that particular document (photos included). For example, if you want to start a photo slide show, wait until you are in the picture view mode then press “Alt + 0” to initiate, then press “Alt + 1” to start the slide show…pages will change every five or so seconds, then press “Alt + 2” to stop the slide show.

This seems to be more useful for viewing photo albums “hands free” unless of course you are an extremely fast reader and can read a whole page of written document in five or so seconds.


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