How To Create Your Own Screen_Savers On Your Kindle

Note that once you install your own screen_savers, you will no longer see the ones that came with the device. If you wish to revert back to the “old” screen savers, you will need to completely remove the newly installed ones.

1. Connect Kindle to your computer via USB cable and create a folder called “pictures”. Within that newly created “picture” folder, create a sub-folder and name it “pic.”

2. Copy as many pictures a you wish from your computer into this newly created “pic” sub-folder…make sure the pictures are 600×800 pixels if you want them to fully fit the kindle screen.

3. Disconnect your Kindle from the computer.

4. Go to the Home Screen on your Kindle and locate the “Pic”file. Select and open it in the picture viewer.

5. Browse forward or backward through each picture by “Next page” or “prev page” button. To make the picture full screen, press ALT + F.

5. To save a picture as a screen_saver, Click {ALT} + {SHIFT} (arrow pointing up) + {0} (the number) all at the same time. Wait a few seconds until you see a notice on the screen indicating that the picture has been loaded to your screen saver. Continue selecting and as many pictures as you like.

Removing Pictures without deleting Screen_Savers
1. Go to the Home Screen, Click on Content Manager.

2. Select the “pic” folder, go back to menu and choose “remove selected items” then “OK.” Though “pic” file is removed, you will need to completely remove it from you Kindle by re-connecting your kindle to the Computer via the USB cable and delete the “Picture” folder that you created.

Removing The installed Screen Savers
1. Hit “Start” at the bottom left hand corner of your computer, then select the “RUN.”

2. At the “open” prompt, type in “cmd.” and hit “OK.”

3. At the “C:\{whatever file is written here} >” type in “E:” this will switch the directory to Kindle’s virtual drive. Press enter and you should see E:\>

4. Type in “cd system” and press enter.

5. While the “System” directory may not show, it is present. Type in “cd screen_saver” to switch to the screen_saver directory.

6. Type in “del *.gz” to delete all .gz files

7. Type in “del screen_saver” to the delete the screen saver file.

8. Disconnect Kindle from the computer. Put Kindle to sleep, wake it up again, put it to sleep again and you should see the original screen savers.


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