Update II: Kindle VS PRS-505

Listening to Audio files

You can download (via USB cable) and listen to MP3 files only as background music. This means that you cannot create a play list or organize the files the way you would on a MP3 player. Once the music starts it will play until you stop it or switch to audio books. You can adjust the volume using the built-in volume control at the bottom of the device.

You can download and listen to MP3 files on the Sony reader as you would on the player itself or as background music while reading. Tracks are listed in alphabetical order. You simply need to select the music of choice, press “ENT,” and you are on your way. In the play mode, you can see “everything:” track name, artist name, album name, elapsed time, track number, total number of track, etc. You can fast forward, rewind, stop, play, adjust volume the normal way with the built-in volume control on the device.

You have the option of listening to audio file on Kindle via the external built-in speakers or privately using a headphone. PRS-505 gives you no choice but to listen with a headphone as It is not equipped with external speakers.

Both devices use up a significant amount of battery power when audio is played…so use conservatively.

If you prefer to listen to your books as opposed to reading them, Kindle gives you the option of downloading and listening to audio books from Audible.com. PRS-505 does not offer you this option. For more information on how to access audio books for the Kindle go here.


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