Updates To Kindle Vs The Sony Reader comparison

Can you Rotate the screen?
YES for the PRS-505, NO for the kindle . To rotate the Screen on your PRS-505, simple hold down the “Size” button for about 5 seconds and the screen will rotates from portrait to landscape and back.

Can you jump forward more than one page at a time in either device?
YES for both devices.
For the PRS-505, hold the “Page Forward” or “Back” button for five seconds and the page will jump 10 pages in the direction of the button. For the Kindle, hold down the “Alt + Prev Page” or “Alt + Next Page” buttons and the page will jump in the direction of the button by quite a few pages. I am not sure how much, but it seems to be a little more than the PRS-505

* For the PRS-500:”1″ brings you to the start of the book. “2” brings you to 20% of the book. “3” to 30% and so on. So if you want to open to about half way in the book simply hit “5”.

How Can I Make PDF Look Better on the Device?
For the kindle , you cannot do much right now – PDF display is still in the experimental phase. As for the PRS-505, its just a simple matter of reformatting your PDF document to fit the device. Most PDF documents are formatted to fit an 8 ½” x 11″ piece of paper and not a screen the size of the Reader. In this case the Reader will have to resize your files to display on its screen. Your files may look better if you reformat them with the Reader’s screen size in mind. You can go here to download directions on how to optimize PDFs for the Reader.

Why does the page sometimes change when I place the device in my bag?
You can control this for both Kindle and the PRS-505:
For the Kindle, simple press “Alt+A” to put the device to sleep before you put it away.
For the PRS-505, you will need to turn the device off using the power switch on the left hand side of the reader which will in-turn lock the buttons. When you are ready to read again, just turn the unit on and you will pick up right where left off.

Can You Lock the Device?
For the PRS -505, you can lock the device by putting on a four digit password that will need to be entered anytime the Reader is turned on. If you use this feature you will have to remember your password or call 1-866-962-7669.
No such password access for Kindle.

more later…


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