How to Listen To Background Music While Reading on Kindle

If you wish to listen to background music while reading on your kindle, you’ll first need to transfer MP3 files to your Kindle using the USB connection. For information on transferring files, see Tip For Transferring Files between Kindle and Computer.

Note: Kindle plays audio files as background music only and does not function as an MP3 player or contain options to create play lists or organize audio files. When background music is on, it continues to play until you turn it off or open an audiobook.

Playing or Stopping background music:

  1. Press the Home key to go to your Home screen.
  2. Select “Menu” using the select wheel.
  3. Select “Play Music” or “Stop Music” from the Home screen menu using the select wheel.

Adjusting the Volume and Using Headphones

1. Locate the built-in volume controls and a headphone jack on the bottom of the unit.
2. Press the plus or minus volume buttons to increase or decrease the volume of the music.
3. Use headphones for private listening (if you choose)… When headphones are connected to Kindle, please be aware that the external speaker will be disabled…If you choose, you can also attach external speakers via the headphone jack.


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