How to Listen To Audiobooks on Kindle

You can listen to Audio books on your kindle from Here’s how:

  1. Log on to
  2. Create an account or Log In, if you already have an audible account.
  3. Download and install the latest AudibleManager software on your PC.
  4. Connect your Kindle to your PC using the USB connection.
  5. Launch the AudibleManager on your PC.
  6. Activate your Kindle using the “Activate . . .” command under Devices in AudibleManager… This will authorize your Kindle to play the audiobooks you purchase at
  7. Use AudibleManager to transfer your audiobook to your Kindle.

Listening to Audiobook

After you download your audio book, a small speaker icon will appear next to the title of each audiobooks on your Kindle Home screen.

  1. Select the title from your Home screen using the select wheel.
  2. On the detail page, choose the desired audio control button using the select wheel.

Among the available audio controls for navigation are the following:

  • Beginning: Takes you back to the beginning of the audiobook.
  • Previous Section: Begins playback from the previous section/chapter.
  • Back 30 sec.: Begins playback 30 seconds back from your current location.
  • Play/Pause: Plays or Pauses the audio playback. (A Stop option is not available.)
  • Forward 30 sec.: Begins playback 30 seconds forward from your current location.
  • Next Section: Begins playback from the next section/chapter.

Adjusting the Volume and Using Headphones

  1. Use the built-in volume control at the bottom your Kindle to increase or decrease the volume.
  2. Insert a headphone in the headphone jack at the bottom of the unit, to privately listen to the audio book, the external speaker will be disabled.

One Response

  1. I want to know what does the audio sound like on the Kindle. Is there somewhere where I can hear a sample of what it sounds like? I am wondering how human the voice sounds.

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