Kindle and the bible

A few weeks ago, I was browsing the kindle store to see the latest content being offered. Being an avid reader, who reads just about everything, I decided to see if the bible was offered…since I am a regular church attendee who reads the bible quite a bit. Well, what do you know? I was pleasantly surprise. There were about two versions of the bible offered and one of them was relatively cheap. I quickly downloaded the cheap version, which to me was a steal compared to the price you would pay for the actual paper version off the shelf…considering the fact that I don’t like to spend money anyways…therein lies another reason why I like buying and reading books on Kindle…I love the discounts…but that’s another story.

Anyway, I found out after buying the cheap bible that there was no table of content so I could not jump from chapter to chapter using the table of contents as I normally do with other books…and that for me, was a problem because at times I wanted to just jump quickly to a particular chapter and verse. So what did I do?…I actually had to do a search…or press “Alt+ Next Page,” or “Alt+ prev page” to jump forward or backward through the pages. Now, this method is not perfect because I almost always missed the target page when I use it. However, I often get close enough to it so that I can just do the page forward” or “page backward” drill to get to my final destination.

Here’s why I am actually excited about being able to download the bible of all books on my Kindle:

1) I can read the bible on the train, around friends, in a crowd and no one knows what I am reading…Try doing that with the paper version. Everybody stares at you as if you are strange…some even ask questions like, “Are you reading the bible?” with that smirk on their faces…as if to say…”how dare you commit such a crime?” …thanks for saving me Kindle.

2) I can actually read the bible and not get into a religious discussion…I tried that one time on the train and I had to quickly put it away…some nut wanted to talk to me about religious topic that I had no interest in …all because he saw me reading the book…and the worst thing was that his discussion was totally contrary to what I was reading added to the fact that I did not feel like talking.

3) I can actually attend church with a bible in my hand and the “whole world” doesn’t know it. Try doing that with the paper version, everybody knows where you are going…and begin to make assumptions about who you are…how about some privacy?…It’s about time…wishful thinking when you are walking around with world most famous book for all to see…whew…thanks Kindle you’ve save my life again.

Well, got to go now…just thought I would share that kindle experience. Talk to you soon.


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  1. I am looking to buy a headset to listen to books
    on tape. Is one available?

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