Kindle Trouble

A few days ago, I was driving along the road as I always do with my kindle in my car – I usually read it whenever I stopped at a “long red light” or when the traffic is really slow…On this particular day, though, I was simply driving with it sitting on the front passenger seat and did not realize that the sun was shining down on it. So, I came to a red light, picked it up, and as usual, pressed Alt + A to wake it up and continue reading the book I was enjoying. To my surprise, the screen saver remained on the screen and no content appeared. I immediately put it back in sleep and and tried waking it up again…but nothing happened.

I put it down for a few minutes to let it cool off, because it was a little warm, and tried Alt+A combo a few more times, but still nothing happened. Then I tried rebooting it by pressing Alt+R…still nothing happened. Then I attached the charger, took off the back cover, and tried to reset the device…still nothing happened. Then I tried turned it off and then back on, press Alt + A to see if it would wake up…nothing happen.

I called customer service for help, they were very courteous, and helpful, and of course they proceeded to take me through the re-booting steps which I had already gone through but none of that stuff worked. So..the solution..I am getting a brand new kindle..and its is already on the way. Thank God. Oh…and by the way, I stored all my files on my computer via USB cable connection. Yes, even though I could not read the content on the Kindle screen, I could still access the files on my PC. So, now when my new Kindle arrives, I will simply transfer the files to my new kindle.

I learned a few things from little ordeal:
* Avoid leaving your Kindle in the sun or close to any hot objects.
* Amazon do have Kindles in stock, but they are prioritizing…If you are a new buyer you will have to wait. They give priority to existing customers and those that are at the front of the line.
* The demand for Kindle is high, people seem to be catching on, particularly those that read.
* I miss my Kindle. The few days that I have been without it has been like hell for me…I have gotten used to reading just about everything from it…and if you know me, I have to read at all times. I have to keep my brain working…information, information, information.

Anyway, I am glad that I am getting my Kindle tomorrow. Amazon promised a one day shipment and they are paying for me to ship the defective one back to them…No sweat there.

Now to my writing…I know I haven’t written in a while, but I was extremely busy this past week, with a number of projects to complete. But, I should be getting back to normal soon..want to do some more comparisons -a few readers have indicated that they have been very helpful to them and that’s really encouraging for me – knowing that someone is actually benefiting from these writings…As far as I am concerned, if one person benefits, then my effort is not in vain.

More later…


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