Sending and Receiving Emails With Your Kindle…

For this you will have to use the Experimental Web browser to access your Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, sign up online using your computer at Now sign in to your gmail account on your kindle via Google from the experimental WEB BROWSER. Enter your Gmail address and your password, press “sign in” and you should be in. If you experience any problem like I did the first time I tried, simply reboot your Kindle by going to the main menu, select setting, select menu again and choose restart.

Now that you are in, you should see a list of things that you can do with you Gmail account including: Gmail, SMS (texting), Maps, etc…Select Gmail and you should be taken to a page that allows you to compose new gmails, add contacts, check your inbox, delete unwanted gmails, etc… In short you can do from this page what you normally do with your regular email accounts on the computer.

Go ahead and test it. Compose a gmail and send it to one of your email accounts and check to see if it went through. Does it work? You bet. The first time I did it, a message came back on the screen saying that “the device cannot access the website at this time,” However when I check my email, I found that the message went through anyway.

So there you have it. One other “Kool” thing that your Kindle can do. Now I have not yet tried the other gmail features, but I will soon. You can go ahead and try them and see how they work. One word of caution, don’t expect them to work perfectly, remember that these features are in the early stages of development.

So, is kindle just an electronic reader? As far as I am concerned, Kindle is much more… Can you say computer? More and more Kindle is separating itself from its competitors, particularly because of the wireless capability…This feature allows it to do so much more…Okay, so much for that. Later I will introduce more kool things you can do with your Kindle that are no different from what you do with that desktop or laptop of yours. Hopefully you will begin to see that the $399 Kindle tab may not be too much after all. You are getting from Kindle much more than expected and will continue to do so as the development continues… That said, if you have been thinking about whether or not you should get a kindle, it may be wise to get inline…it is getting longer as we speak…

More later..

“It is wise to learn from experience, but wiser to learn from the experience of others”


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  1. What is the speed like? Can you use google docs?

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