Interesting Questions About Kindle

These are some interesting questions asked by Matthew D Bennet on the Amazon discussion board : “what happens when i exceed my 200 something limt.. do i have to rely on Amazon to be my “back-up” or can i back up what i buy on my own PC with the fancy schmancy USB cable included with the Kindle. and also, can someone else with a kindle download my book, or at least can i have 2 kindles registered to 1 account.. so me and my wife dont have to share our knidles just to read the same book or newspaper. And finally, does it come in black or silver or anything besides “Kitchen Appliance White”

This is the response given by J.A. Davidson to the storage question: “Matthew, you’ve got a couple of choices. For AZW formatted books you buy through Amazon, they will maintain a copy on their servers that you can re-download when you like over whispernet or via Internet to your PC.

Another choice you’ve got is to purchase an SD memory card. They are available in differing sizes from 256MB up to 8 GB. (Micro Center usually sells 2GB cards for $19.95). A 1 or 2 GB card will hold significantly more than 200 ebooks. IT’s probably the best option if you want to play audiobooks and mp3 files on you Kindle.

However, in the long run, your best bet for storage will be on your PC. You can get a card reader for $5-$20 that you can plug your SD card into , and transfer files that way (The SD card shows up as a removable drive on your PC.) or you can use the USB cable to transfer files to the Kindle.

Another option I plan to try when my kindle comes in, is to use a storage company like Streamload to store your ebooks on the Internet. You ought to be able to use the whispernet to access Streamload’s site, and then download any of your files directly to the Kindle.

Any way you look, you have a lot of choices.”

This is the response by Kelly Ellis to the “two Kindle” question , “In response to your other question: yes, you can register two Kindles to the same Amazon account. Those Kindles will be able to share books, so you and your wife can share books and each have your own Kindle. However, this unfortunately doesn’t work for newspapers, magazines, and blogs. The newspaper can only be downloaded to one Kindle, which seems silly, because people don’t tend to have two newspaper subscriptions to share among one household. Hope this helps.”

Answer to the Color Question: There is only one color, White

Saw, thought it was interesting and though I would share for the benefit of those who have the same questions.


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