More Tips For Getting More From Kindle

1) To get the time “Hit” Alt + T, you should see the time appearing at the bottom of your Kindle regardless of what page you are on.

2) Another Free book source – Simply create an account, sign in, download your choice of books to your desktop (in Kindle compatible .Mobi format), then use the USB cable to download to your kindle, read and enjoy.

3) “Alt + B” will quickly bookmark you page.

4) “Alt + Next page” or “Alt + Prev Page” will take give you a big jump forward or backward through your document. This is especially helpful when you want to navigate quickly through a document.

5) Have a digital document you want to read that’s not compatible with your Kindle? Email it to for conversion to Kindle compatible format and have it emailed directly to your Kindle for a dime. For more information see this article

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How To Download and View Pictures on Your Kindle (Modified)

1. Connect kindle to your computer via USB cable.

2. Click on “My computer” and identify Kindle as a removable device on your computer.

3. Click to open and ID the document, Audible, and music folder.

4. Create and add a new folder and name it “Pictures.”

5. Create and name sub-folders in this “Picture” folder, one for each group of pictures you will download.

6. Copy pictures to the appropriate sub-folder with either the .jpg, gif, or .png format.

7. Disconnect Kindle from the computer.

8. Go to your Kindle “Home” screen, press  and hold ALT + Z until Kindle recognizes the sub-folder you created as a book and it appears on the screen. Use the select key to open and view the photos.

9. Navigate forward and backward using the “Next page” and “previous page” button.

the difference between “ordinary” and “extra-ordinary” is that little “extra.”

Sending and Receiving Emails With Your Kindle…

For this you will have to use the Experimental Web browser to access your Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, sign up online using your computer at Now sign in to your gmail account on your kindle via Google from the experimental WEB BROWSER. Enter your Gmail address and your password, press “sign in” and you should be in. If you experience any problem like I did the first time I tried, simply reboot your Kindle by going to the main menu, select setting, select menu again and choose restart.

Now that you are in, you should see a list of things that you can do with you Gmail account including: Gmail, SMS (texting), Maps, etc…Select Gmail and you should be taken to a page that allows you to compose new gmails, add contacts, check your inbox, delete unwanted gmails, etc… In short you can do from this page what you normally do with your regular email accounts on the computer.

Go ahead and test it. Compose a gmail and send it to one of your email accounts and check to see if it went through. Does it work? You bet. The first time I did it, a message came back on the screen saying that “the device cannot access the website at this time,” However when I check my email, I found that the message went through anyway.

So there you have it. One other “Kool” thing that your Kindle can do. Now I have not yet tried the other gmail features, but I will soon. You can go ahead and try them and see how they work. One word of caution, don’t expect them to work perfectly, remember that these features are in the early stages of development.

So, is kindle just an electronic reader? As far as I am concerned, Kindle is much more… Can you say computer? More and more Kindle is separating itself from its competitors, particularly because of the wireless capability…This feature allows it to do so much more…Okay, so much for that. Later I will introduce more kool things you can do with your Kindle that are no different from what you do with that desktop or laptop of yours. Hopefully you will begin to see that the $399 Kindle tab may not be too much after all. You are getting from Kindle much more than expected and will continue to do so as the development continues… That said, if you have been thinking about whether or not you should get a kindle, it may be wise to get inline…it is getting longer as we speak…

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“It is wise to learn from experience, but wiser to learn from the experience of others”

Common Questions About The Sony Reader Digital Book (PRS 505)

prs505sc.jpgQ: How many versions of this device are available on the market?
A: Twp: PRS-505SC (silver) or PRS-505LC (dark blue)

Q: How many books can the  PRS-505 hold in internal memory?
A: Up to 160 Ebooks. You can also store thousands of additional books on a SD memory card.

Q: Can I adjust the font size?
A: Yes, you can adjust between three available font sizes.

Q: Can I read in sunlight?
A: Yes, with 8 levels of grey scale and the revolutionary e-paper technology, it is equipped for easy reading everywhere with no strain on eyes – just like reading paper.

Q: How do I download content to my sony device?
A: Hook up the device via USB cable to your computer to access the ebook library and companion software on your computer. From your computer you can browse content, make purchases, and download to your Digital book.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: Up to 7,500 pages turns depending on the size of the font.

Q: What’s the cost?
A: About $300 dollars.

Q: Can I download content wirelessly?
A: No, all content must be downloaded via USB cable from the companion store on your computer to the device.

Q: What common format does it supports?
A: PDF, word, JPEG… among others.

Q: What if my device get damage, can i replace it?
A: You can sign up for a one of the several protection plans offered by Sony, go to Sonystyle plan and choose your plan.

Q: Are there any special promotions available on this device at present?
A: yes, you can Get 100 free Connect™ eBooks Classics titles. Just follow the instruction below:
1. Purchase the Reader between 1/31/2008 and 9/30/2008.
2. Create an account with the eBook Store from Sony using the supplied eBook Library software.
3. Connect the Reader to your PC through USB.
4. Log into your eBook Store account, choose “manage devices” and follow the directions to authorize the Reader. Internet connection required.
5. Credit will automatically be put in your account. This credit must be used by 10/31/08. See classic titles available here and be sure to pay attention to the terms and conditions.

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Interesting Questions About Kindle

These are some interesting questions asked by Matthew D Bennet on the Amazon discussion board : “what happens when i exceed my 200 something limt.. do i have to rely on Amazon to be my “back-up” or can i back up what i buy on my own PC with the fancy schmancy USB cable included with the Kindle. and also, can someone else with a kindle download my book, or at least can i have 2 kindles registered to 1 account.. so me and my wife dont have to share our knidles just to read the same book or newspaper. And finally, does it come in black or silver or anything besides “Kitchen Appliance White”

This is the response given by J.A. Davidson to the storage question: “Matthew, you’ve got a couple of choices. For AZW formatted books you buy through Amazon, they will maintain a copy on their servers that you can re-download when you like over whispernet or via Internet to your PC.

Another choice you’ve got is to purchase an SD memory card. They are available in differing sizes from 256MB up to 8 GB. (Micro Center usually sells 2GB cards for $19.95). A 1 or 2 GB card will hold significantly more than 200 ebooks. IT’s probably the best option if you want to play audiobooks and mp3 files on you Kindle.

However, in the long run, your best bet for storage will be on your PC. You can get a card reader for $5-$20 that you can plug your SD card into , and transfer files that way (The SD card shows up as a removable drive on your PC.) or you can use the USB cable to transfer files to the Kindle.

Another option I plan to try when my kindle comes in, is to use a storage company like Streamload to store your ebooks on the Internet. You ought to be able to use the whispernet to access Streamload’s site, and then download any of your files directly to the Kindle.

Any way you look, you have a lot of choices.”

This is the response by Kelly Ellis to the “two Kindle” question , “In response to your other question: yes, you can register two Kindles to the same Amazon account. Those Kindles will be able to share books, so you and your wife can share books and each have your own Kindle. However, this unfortunately doesn’t work for newspapers, magazines, and blogs. The newspaper can only be downloaded to one Kindle, which seems silly, because people don’t tend to have two newspaper subscriptions to share among one household. Hope this helps.”

Answer to the Color Question: There is only one color, White

Saw, thought it was interesting and though I would share for the benefit of those who have the same questions.

Kindle Software Update

You may notice some new features, etc., popping up on your kindle. lately…that’s because kindle is constantly being improved behind the scenes. Whenever a new software is available it is automatically downloaded to your Kindle. The latest software update is Kindle 1.0.4..recently released and its probably being downloaded to your Kindle as we speak. If you are not sure that this new software is on your Kindle, you can check by doing the following:

1. Power Up Your Kindle
2. Press the [Home] Key.
3. Select settings and look at the bottom of the screen to see the version currently on the device…you should see “Kindle 1.0.4 (144750018)”

If, however, you are not in a wireless coverage area and would like to get this new software update, check out this post made by Fritz-the-Cat, on the Amazon Kindle discussion site.

According to Amazon, if you cannot manually update your Kindle between February 14 and March 15 , you can wait for manual instruction to be posted on the Help page soon after the roll-out of the wireless updates is completed…that is really for those of you who are extremely patient…I am not. I want my update now!

If, on the other hand, you are in a wireless coverage area and still have problems, then you can contact them via email contact us page on the Amazon website or phone using the following numbers:

  • Inside the United States: 1-866-321-8851
  • Outside the United States: 1-206-266-0927

good luck…

Downloading More Free Books

These books available on this site are Christian-Centric and are available in pdf, text, pdb, RTF, XML, and word format. You will want to choose the text format since it is readily readable once downloaded. Pdf is not that good, and word you have to convert. To download, do the following:

1. Log on to on your Kindle
2. Browse or search for the book of interest by title, Author, or subject.
3. Scroll through pages by hitting the “next page” button and select book of choice.
4. Scroll forward with the “next page” button and select the plain text (UTF-8) format.
5. You will be taken to download screen, just hit Ok and the book will be downloaded to your Kindle.

Mostly sci-fi in HTML, Mobi, RTF, Microsoft reader, and Ebookwise formats. You will want to chose the Mobi/Palm/Kindle format. To download do the following:

1. Log on to on your Kindle.
2. Scroll forward using the “Next Page” button and under CATEGORIES, choose free Library.
3. Scroll forward and choose the book you want.
4. Scroll forward and choose the Mobipocket/Palm/Kindle format under the Unzipped category.
5. You will be taken to the download screen – Hit OK and you are done.

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