How To download Free content For Your Kindle From Various sources

This mynbks instructions were written by “iamnohs” in the Amazon Kindle users forum.

  1. Open up the BasicWeb browser on your kindle.
  2. Enter the url
  3. At this point you can search, browser, or enter a Book ID. Find a book you want.
  4. KEY STEP: Click on the Mobipocket version of the book for download. ONLY THE MOBIPOCKET VERSION WILL WORK.
  5. A pop-up screen will open on your Kindle. You supply the confirmation for the book to be downloaded, and in a few seconds it should appear in your home screen.

“Kindle” format (.azw) is also available as a desktop download from, to be transferred to your Kindle via USB.

Note: For the download above, though you are able to access the Kindle version of ebook directly from your Kindle device, when you actually download it wirelessly, you end up with a bunch of weird characters. So I am guessing that’s the reason for using the USB cable download – honestly I haven’t tried it yet, but I will just for confirmation…I am away from my USB cable at the time of writing this article…

Update…I just downloaded a Free book from with USB method…and it is relatively easy:

1) Hook up USB cable between Kindle and computer
2) Log on to on your computer.
3) Browse for the book of choice
4) Choose the Kindle format
5) Download the file to your computer desktop
6) Open up the document file in the “Kindle removable device” that shows up on y0ur desktop
7) Drag and drop the download book(file) to this “document” file on the “Kindle removable device.”
8) Disconnect your Kindle from the Computer using the proper method
9) Check your home screen on your Kindle the book should be there
10) Read and enjoy.


1. Log in to the via the Basic Web Browser on your Kindle
2. Click on Amazon Kindle (beta2!)
3. Choose book category, then title, and download…read, and enjoy

more later…


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