Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Sony PRS Series of Electronic Readers.

You can Rotate the display
To rotate the display, simply hold down the “Size” button for about 5 seconds and the screen will rotates from portrait to landscape and back.

You can Jump forward or Backwards multiple pages at a time
To jump 10 pages forward or backwards, simply hold down the “Page Forward” or “Back” button for five seconds and the page will jump 10 pages in the direction of the button.

You can Navigate by hitting a Number button
For the PRS-500: hitting the number “1” button will bring you to the start of the book you are reading. Hitting the number “2” brings you to 20% of the book, the number “3” to 30% and so on…So if you want to open to about half way in the book simply hit “5”….get the picture?

You can Navigate by Typing In the Page Number
For the  PRS-505: You can type out the page number you want to go to using the number buttons. Once you have entered the correct page number hit the enter button on the lower right side of the Reader (in the center of the arrow buttons). If you make an error you can hit the “menu” button to exit the go to page feature…you can acutally do this with Kindle as well.

You Can Make Your Personal PDF Documents Look better On the Reader.
Most PDF documents are formatted to fit an 8 ½” x 11″ piece of paper and not a screen the size of the Reader.The Reader will have to resize your files to display on its screen. This may affect the appearance of the document on the screen…but there is a way out. You can reformat your PDF files so that they look better on the reader, Click here for details.

You Can Choose Your Memory Cards for Your Reader
The PRS-500 Reader supports Memory Stick Pro or Duo (with adaptor) up to 4GB. And it supports SD memory cards up to 2GB size. It is important that if you use a Memory Stick Duo that you use a full sized adapter.

The PRS-505 Reader supports Memory Stick Duo up to 8GB. And it supports SD memory cards up to 2GB size. It is important to note that this reader does not accept full sized Memory Sticks or adapters.

You Can Do The Following With The Reader
Read books downloaded from the Connect™ eBook store
Read your own personal Documents
Carry and view photos with you
Listen to MP3 or AAC Podcasts (You can even listen as you read)

You Can View Personal Documents on the Reader
Simple, copy the file from your PC to a SD or Memory Stick™ media card and read on the Sony Reader as long as they are in the following file formats:
PDF (Unencrypted)
BBeB (Encrypted and Unencrypted)
MP3 (Unencrypted)
AAC (Unencrypted)

It’s best if you use the supplied PC Software to import and transfer files to the Reader, as it will enable faster page turns and re-sizing on the Reader itself.

You may also import Microsoft Word files to the device with the software. The supplied software will convert the Word document to RTF during the import process as long as the user has Microsoft® Word on the PC.

More Tips later…

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